Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sigh....'s been raining pretty much all morning. I thought rain like this was unheard of in Arizona. We've been experiencing monsoon rains, which can dump up to 2 inches of rain in just half an hour. The "seasonal" rivers have come to life (no more staring at dry riverbeds!) and numerous washes are full of rainwater. But today we have one of those slow, steady, Seattle-like rain storms with short bursts of monsoon-like rain. You know those days in Seattle when you look out the window when you wake up in the morning and you just KNOW it's never going to let up for the entirety of that day? It looks like that now....but I'm sure it's going to pass fast. It's weather like this that makes me crave chicken noodle soup and inspired my choice of music newly posted on this blog.

I got caught in one of those monsoon storms at work last Monday. I had to walk to the hospital (right next door to where I work) to mail a birthday card to my sister. So I walk out and it's very windy and there's an ominous black cloud overhead....but it's DRY. So I buy a stamp, lick it onto the envelope (yuck) and drop it off into the drop box, happy I made it before pick up time. As I'm walking towards the doors, I hear the pounding rain. When I get to the sliding glass doors, I hesitate for a minute staring out at the torrential downpour, complete with hail. How can the weather change so fast? "Hmmm," I thought to myself. "It doesn't look THAT bad. I mean, how many times have I had to walk in the downpours in Seattle before I had a car? If I run, I should be OK, right?" So I make a mad dash for the Cancer Center. When I got out there, I realized that I had underestimated the rate of rainfall and the volume of it coming down. By the time I got to the Cancer Center, I was soaking wet. It seriously looked like someone took a hose to me. I felt like I had just walked out of a photoshoot for Maxim (or some other men's magazine like that), with my clothes *clinging* to my body. Uuuugghhh!!! Luckily, there was a hand dryer in the ladies' room where I spent the next 10 minutes drying off my shirt. So......lesson for all: never underestimate the monsoon. If it's raining, stay out of it!


raecatherine said...

loove the addition of more pictures to your blog! (and now I finally get to see what John looks like--you 2 look like a hottie young couple) As for your rain story...all I can say is that I hope the shirt wasn't white.

La Arana Peruana said... Luckily, the shirt was blue.