Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things about me

Ok, Miss Rae tagged me for a me-me so I just have to post something here. Actually, I was going to do something like this anyways, if I could just pull myself away from my knitting! (You were right Rae--I haven't so much as turned my computer on for a while!) I actually pulled this list from my myspace blog back in the day before this one. So here it is, updated life and all. Be's a long very random list!

1. I am the oldest of four children (3 girls and 1 boy...poor brother!)
2. As a result, I had a lot of responsibility pushed on me growing up.
3. My psychology professor said that we eldest children always say that, but that we actually asked for those responsibilities to please the parents, turning bossy to declare dominance over the next younger sibling. I disagree.
4. One thing I really hate about being the oldest is that I had to fight for everything I wanted. The younger ones are just handed these privileges and don’t do half as many chores!
5. As a child, I've always had long hair down to my waist, at least.
6. This was not my choice as my dad didn’t let me cut my hair. I had my brother cut it for me several times.
7. I got my first real haircut in the tenth grade. I chopped it off shoulder-length.
8. My younger sisters got to cut their hair in the fifth grade. Of course they didn't have to fight for that!
9. As a child, I used to sneak reading by nightlight when I was supposed to be sleeping. If my mom caught me, she would spank me (yes, I was that big of a nerd...maybe still am)
10. I am a neat freak, yet hate to clean.
11. I am stubborn.
12. I am afraid of heights.
13. I can be a really aggressive driver.
14. Especially now that I moved to Arizona. I find myself flying down a street at 60 mph in a 45 zone (I’m just following traffic!)
15. I definitely don’t miss the constant Seattle winter cold and wet!
16. But I miss running in it. I love the way it sounds falling onto the leaves overhead and underneath me while I go on my trail runs.
17. . I have found the perfect climate for me. Being chronically cold (we’re talking blue fingernails here!) I have discovered that Arizona winters are awesome!
18. I don't tolerate close-minded people very well.
19. I love to work out. I finally got rid of the arm wave and my triceps are STRONG.
20. My alarm is set for 5:15 every Monday and Wednesday morning so I can lift weights before my 6:30 a.m. cardio kickboxing class.
21. I'm an extremely competitive person, although I don’t let this openly show.
22. I recently incorporated running back into my workout regimen after a two year hiatus.
23. It’s still hard for me to run for very long (6 miles max), but I just blame the elevation here.
24. I’m horrible at knowing when to stop when I injure myself and usually will run through the pain. I told you I’m stubborn!
25. Four years ago I strained a tendon while training for the Vancouver marathon. It happened during PT (ironic, I know) and I limped the entire day. I still planned on running 12 miles the next morning, but had to stop after only six because my ankle was so sore. Stubbornness prevails! (Or maybe it was stupidity that time...)
26. It took almost two years to completely recover from that injury.
27. Eventually, I want to own my very own single-person crew boat so I can escape to the water whenever I feel the need (this will be when I move back to the water).
28. This idea was inspired by my runs to Gasworks Park. I used to stretch by the water and watch the early morning rowers go by.
29. I also need a bike so I can go along the whole length of the Burke-Gilman trail because I don't have the endurance to run it.
30. I love bright and it muffles everything around you so there is almost complete silence.
31. I've been cross-country skiing once and I loved it. I need my own skis so I can go whenever I want.
32. I have a horrible singing voice.
33. But I like to pretend that I don't by singing along to really loud music when I'm by myself in the car.
34. The only drugs I've touched are alcohol and caffeine.
35. I love animals. According to Jon, I love anything that has fur. I would like to add that I ALSO love animals without fur.
36. I'm allergic to cats (but I still love them!)
37. After having my dog, Sammy, for almost two years, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not much of a dog person anymore. What a little pain in the ass!
38. I get embarrassed really easily.
39. I don’t believe in love at first sight. Lust or like at first sight, yes.
40. Sometime in my life I plan to volunteer abroad in a third world Spanish-speaking country.
41. I WILL learn to speak Spanish fluently!
42. I also want to learn to speak Quechua, Portuguese, Italian, French...
43. I'm afraid of the dark. I do a good job of freaking myself out now that I live alone.
44. I love to knit. Sometimes I will start a project in the evening and stay up until 3 a.m. knitting. During these times I don't eat or drink water, so I end up a little dehydrated the next morning.
45. I love salsa dancing, but my husband has about as much rhythm as a one-year-old.
46. One of my goals in life is to be able to dance like a professional—they need to make a version of Dancing with the Stars for normal people like me!
47. My favorite T.V. show is Grey's Anatomy (damn writer’s strike kept me from my show!)
48. I actually was going towards medical school while in college, but now I figure all that hard work isn't worth it. There are so many people out there that are smarter than me and yet THEY don't even get in! The whole process is just too frustrating to me.
49. If I had gone to medical school, I would have wanted to be a surgeon of some sort.
50. I miss being in college: having your friends right next door or down the hall, late night talks with your roommate, numerous bus trips all over the place because we didn't have a car.
51. I played the flute in high school and in the SU orchestra. I want to learn how to play the viola and/or the cello.
52. I was baptized Catholic. My mom tells me that I should go to church to be closer to God. Why should I feel closer to Him in a manmade building? I feel closer to God when I am outside in nature. What better way to be close to God than enjoying and appreciating what He created?
53. Most of my morals, I feel, come from being raised Catholic. Respect for all life, feeling responsible to protect our environment, and being generous and compassionate are just some things I attribute to my faith.
54. Although I know that being raised Catholic is not the only way to have good morals.
55. I think it bugs my parents a little that Jon is Jewish. They don't say anything to me, but a little birdie told me.
56. I married Jon on May 5, 2007. I got a beautiful engagement ring, but never got a proposal!
57. We have been together for four years now, but after this tour we will have been apart more than we have been together.
58. I’m trying to be a better wife and have been training myself to do more baking and cleaning. I am obsessed with baking now! Too bad I can't say the same about cleaning!
59. Jon told me he wanted to raise the kids Jewish. I don't have a problem with that because it's not just his religion; it is part of his culture. I have a feeling my parents aren’t going to like that very much either.
60. I can’t wait to have babies! I bet you all didn’t know that I have all the names picked out already. Now about getting Jon to agree on them…..
61. My babies will hopefully have unique names. No vanill-y boring ones!

62. Favorite girl names: Aurelia, Catalina, Serena, Amelie (yes, I got this one from the movie!)--Serafina and Raina as middle names.
63. Favorite boy names: Samuel, Isaiah, Elijah (see the theme here?)
64. I was painfully shy as a kindergartner and I don’t remember ever talking.
65. I am an introverted person, but I feel like a loud extroverted person trapped in a restricting box. One of these days I'm going to break through!
66. Maybe I just need to get over my self-consciousness to achieve that. Any suggestions?
67. I ate guinea pig (cuy) while I was in Peru.
68. I am an honest person.
69. I'm a girly girl.
70. I hate drama. I thought I had escaped it when I got out of high school, but college had its share as well and now I realize that it will always be around.
71. I have good skin and don't really get pimples
72. As a result I don't wear much makeup...just eyeliner and mascara.
73. One of my pet peeves is stepping on wet carpet (or wet anything) with socks on...I hate wet socks!
74. I have a really sensitive nose and can pick up smells before others can. Unfortunately, these smells are most always bad ones. I can't stand bad smells!
75. I’m 5'4", but I wish I were taller...or at least a little narrower.
76. I used to obsess over pictures of thin models.
77. I gained 25 pounds my freshman year in college (thank you Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!) One day I just realized that my pants weren’t fitting anymore!
78. I lost a lot of that weight junior year running on the treadmill every morning before class.
79. I gained a lot of that weight back when I started dating Jon. Many meals out and sitting around with him were my demise.
80. Again, I've worked that weight off, and then some (but I'm still not back to my pre-college weight). I am determined to keep it off even when Jon comes back. Maybe I can rub off better eating and exercise habits on him
81. I hate when people blame their decisions/mistakes on being drunk.
82. I can be a very jealous person.
83. I have the habit of smelling books when I open them; I also like to smell freshly photocopied paper, newspapers, pamphlets, and, I’ve discovered, other lab chemicals not good for you ( I don’t sniff them, I just like the smell of them)…..
84. I also like to scratch the words on laser-printed/photocopied papers (the letters are raised!)
85. Believe it or not, I know a few other people who like to do 83 and 84 as well.
86. I've spent way too much time on this list.

As for the tags, I've got nothing! I don't read very many blogs and the ones I do have already been tagged! Sorry for breaking it here!


raecatherine said...

wow!~ that is some list...and informative and thoughtful one too.

andrew smells pretty much everything, new clothes, new stuff, food...i tease him about it and say his big nose has to be good for something. =)

raising kids Jewish--hey wait, does this mean you've given up bacon for Jon?

Tania said...

Awww I didn't notice Andrew's nose, so it must not be that big!=P

as for raising the kids Jewish--we'll see how that turns out. and are you kidding--Jon's favorite pizza topping is pepperoni! =D

Jaime said...

#10. I'm a neat freak, yet hate to clean.

God I could have written that one! =)

Teresa said...

Haha, I love to do 83 and 84 as well! All my friends call me a freak. At least I'm not the only one with this guilty pleasure!

Tania said...

Ha Terry...I was thinking of you! I also have another friend from college that scratches the letters so we're not alone! At least we know it doesn't just run in the family!

Raven said...

Wow! I stumbled onto this blog quite accidentally and I LOVED your list!

[especially since I checked off so many similarities...;)]

Thank you Ms. Peruvian Spider...your list made me smile and inspired me to do one of my own :-D

(and it's hilarious to see other eldest-born gripes because they're so TRUE! You can tell your psych teacher that.)

jlc said...

Your favorite boys name is my husband name!!!


Leslie said...

I like things neat too (wouldnt say I'm a neat freak necessarily) but I too hate cleaning. Hate it! I'm stubborn and a big ME TOO on #s 13, and 14. oh and #12. Wish I could run. Wait scratch that, I wish I were more disciplined to run. I would love to run a marathon. (some day) Also me too on 32, &33. I agree with you on the love at first site thing. Those people who say they are in love, are truly just "in lust". Seriously, you can't love someone with just one glance. I'm working on #41. I love dancing. Just don't do it much. My husband can join in, and I think he knows certain dances better than me. #47 is mine too! I'm also baptised catholic, got a lovely engagement ring and no proposal. Not kidding. ;)

Oh and I love reading these lists about other people. They can be really fascinating. Also pretty cool to see how much or how little you have in common with others. :)