Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm feeling so homesick lately. I don't know what it is....maybe it's my longing for this 100 degree heat to be over! I've decided that fall is my favorite season, both in the desert and back in the Evergreen State. The best part about it is the changing colors. It is so abundant back home whereas here I have to drive a ways up the mountains to experience even a glimmer of fall-colored leaves. But then, maybe it's the fact that all my siblings are in Seattle now and that I just had a little niece born.

I was lucky enough to be in Seattle the last week of August for Cheryl's wedding (which was just BEAUTIFUL, by the way). It was good to be home, but the trip was so rushed, trying to eat at every eatery I've been craving since I left and trying to see old friends, all in the span of 3 days (two days were spent in Walla Walla). I can't believe how I've adapted to the weather in Arizona, because I froze my butt off in Seattle! Being Army folks now, we wake up pretty early (7 am is sleeping in for us) and so in the mornings I had to put a jacket or sweater on--I was really excited for that! I even got a nice jacket at the Gap while at U Village, but alas, I cannot wear it here until, at the very earliest, the middle of October. There is just this feeling I get when I'm at home, something I can't even describe. I guess the closest I can get to it is contentment (sigh). Right now, I'm very anxious to move back to greenery and a real fall a place where knitting isn't such a crazy hobby because of the heat and where I can really appreciate the sun (Seattlites REALLY appreciate their sun!). Right now I just feel like I'm missing out on a lot of good stuff.

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raecatherine said...

awww poor girlie! it was very nice to see you too. i'm sorry you're so homesick! have you thought about moving back to wash once john deploys?