Friday, December 28, 2007

Updates and Merry Christmas to all!

I'm still at my parents' house and they moved the pc to the basement and I'm already this calls for a brief post!

Christmas was good. I didn't really want or need anything, but I got a lot of nice presents nonetheless. This includes a nice new camera! I got so sick of my point-and-shoot camera because all the worthwhile pics I wanted to take could not be handled, so now I have something a little more fancy and advanced =) My sisters loved their glittens and my brother liked his socks as well....he wore them the next day (yay!) I'm even actually about halfway done with some socks for myself! Pictures to come later. It's just way too cold for this recently converted desert girl to handle and I haven't been outside much. I always bring my running shoes with me on any trip, but did they come out once yet? Nope. Maybe a walk this afternoon with my mom and her beagle to test out the Gentle Leader I got her.

In other news, we got an offer for the house! The real estate agent is working on a counter offer as I type so hopefully we can close on it soon!

Jon is doing well and has made it to his final destination in Iraq. According to him, it's pretty posh compared to all the other places he's been during his last tour, but "it's still Iraq." We have one month down for this deployment....only 14 more to go!;)

Gotta get out of the fingernails are purple. I seriously think I have Raynaud's disease!

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