Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm exhausted! I don't know if it's trying to re-establish a normal sleep schedule (no-more staying up past 2 am watching movies with my little sisters and waking up at 11 the next morning!), the fact that I was travleing for 10 hours yesterday, or maybe the little bug I brought back with me (compliments of my mom). Probably everything! I've been doing laundry all day and am a little over halfway done. So much for my ambitious plans for cleaning and unpacking the house! Now that the Christmas rush is over and I have no deadlines for knitting projects, I'm going to make more of an effort to keep the house organized and pick up some baking too. That will be my New Year's Resolution. I never was much of a baker, but I now have plenty of time and my co-workers, I know, will be more than happy to play guinea pigs (I can't possibly eat everything I bake--gotta watch my girlish figure!)

I'm so glad I flew home yesterday, rather than today like I originally planned. We have a monster of a windstorm here that is just chilling our area. Yet still, 64 degrees feels a lot nicer than the chilling 40s I experienced while at home. No snow in town, but plenty in the mountains, as I could see from my mom's house (are you crazy? Of course I didn't venture up there in that cold!) I never did get the picutre that I wanted =( I left, though, on a gorgeous clear, crisp day in Walla Walla. Ahh sun and blue sky....I missed you the majority of my visit! Even Seattle was clear! Both mountains were out, as well as Mt. Rainier--we flew so close to it. I have to admit, I still get homesick when I fly through Seattle. I am so jealous of all its inhabitants and the easy access they have to the beaches, lakes, mountains, forests, and snow! In time, my dear Seattle, we will be reunited! I am enjoying more warmth for now.

Since I'm not feeling so hot and my stomach is eating itself right now, I will leave off with some pictures from home (mostly of the adorable animals--I so want a cat!)

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