Saturday, February 2, 2008

A lost cause

That would be me! After a week of doing alot of background reading about C/EBP in order to prepare for my presentation for lab meeting on Friday, I wanted to unwind a bit. I was free! Add to the circumstances that it was payday, and you've got a cause for SEX (no not that kind, you with the dirty mind! Stash Enrichment eXpedition) In other words, I got the impulse to visit my LYS (local yarn shop), Kiwi Knitting Company, in order to add to my yarn stash. I have to admit, once I step in through the door my wallet is in grave danger of becoming a bit lighter. This day was no exception. I splurged on some Lorna's Laces sock yarn, Crystal Palace Kid Merino, and some other pricey hand-dyed sock yarn. Damage: over $60. I hope Jon doesn't see this post. "More yarn?!"

Kiwi is a charming, small yarn shop converted from a beautiful older house and is located in the historic Sam Hughes district in Tucson. When I first arrived in Arizona, I was going through withdrawals and terribly missed the access to all those yarn shops in Seattle (among my favorites: Weaving Works, Hilltop Yarn, and Acron St.) Here in Arizona, people look at you like you're crazy when they see you knitting away with wool in the middle of the summer (still haven't acquired a taste for cotton yarn yet, unfortunately). This boils down to very little yarn shops in the Tucson metro area. I wandered up and down the long expansive streets visiting the three yarn shops in way up north, one way out east, and Kiwi Out of all three, Kiwi struck a cord with me. The atmosphere is wonderful there and I get the same fuzzy, warm feelings when I step in there that I got when I visited Hilltop Yarn--probably because they both are situated in charming old houses in quiet calm neighborhoods. Plus, Kiwi features its very own Airedale, Rocky, who proudly models his handknit sweaters that his mommy knit for him.

Whew!! My blog posts always end up being so long....probably because I don't post that often. I just can't tear myself away from my knitting. I let my pictures do their storytelling. I made a collage of random and some colorful pictures I took because they caught my eye. Here are the picture labels going across:

1. Jon in front of Saddam's "Hands of Victory" monument.
2. Colorful peppers and onions from a dinner I made for myself last week.
3. Sammy wanting to come into the office after I blocked him out with that box.
4. Progress on my Annetrelac Socks made with Noro Kureyon sock yarn.
5. More peppers, garlic, and onion.
6. My recent yarn splurge.
7. Close-up of my Annetrelac's.
8. Surprise bouquet of flowers from Jon.
9. Sammy paw prints on our sliding glass door.


raecatherine said...

i enjoyed the pics! i was just coming over to comment "update your blog!" and lookey read my mind. =)

Tania said...

You're quick! I just posted this!

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Wow, your pics look like a pro-photographer took them! yarn..sigh... I've been neglecting mine. so pretty...yarn.