Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another running story

I absolutely hate wind. I'll start off by saying that. How is it that on Tuesday it was 103 and sunny when today at the same time it was 67 degrees and cloudy? This is crazy weather I tell you! Spring in Tucson is full of windy days. It's not so bad when you are safe inside, protected from all that flying dust and debris, but once you step outside, hold onto your hat! And say goodbye to that good hair day you were having.

Here as just some of the reasons I despise wind so much:
  1. Hair in mouth and eyes. And nobody wants hair that looks that wind-blown.
  2. Dust and other fun stuff in your eyes (mine, in particular, are magnets for such things even on calm spring days).
  3. I can't wear my pretty girly skirts or dresses, lest I want my chonies on display for everyone to see!
  4. Running against it! With gusts up to 50 mph, you might as well strap a parachute behind me.
  5. When I was still driving the Corolla and commuting to and from Sierra Vista, these hurricane force winds would almost push me into another car in the lane next to me or hold me back as I battled my way up the steepest hills at 85 mph.

So the main reason I hated the wind today was #4. No matter which direction I ran, it seemed like I was running against the wind. Well, except when I was running east, which means the wind was probably coming from the north- and southwest. I convinced myself to still go for said run even after gazing out at the windy conditions all day. And all because I couldn't just "waste" a perfectly good sub-90 degree day, considering these will be few and far between in a couple weeks. So I'm 0 for 2 for good runs this week. At least I was able to finish this time and run faster. Better luck next week.

Oh and those of you in the PNW...can you please stop sending us your crap our way? All those storms and low pressure systems, while producing the welcome drop in temperature when they collide with our high pressure ones, are the reason for these crazy wind storms here. Thanks, I'd appreciate it!

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