Sunday, June 29, 2008

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Netflix must love me because I sit on movies forever, and I totally don't take advantage of the flat monthly fee, so this movie cost me $8.99! After sitting on my TV stand for, oh, 4 weeks, this movie finally made it into my DVD player. It's not that I wasn't excited to watch it. I've just been doing a lot of reading lately. Reading for pleasure and reading god-awful chemistry. So I had to set time aside this Sunday to finally watch this movie so I can finally send it out. 

The movie starts out in a flower shop in Bordeaux with art student Angelique (Audrey Tautou) in search of a single perfect rose. She smiles her sweet smile and convinces the owner of the shop to have this single rose delivered to her lover....who happens to be married. She's always sending thoughtful surprises like this to express her love for her Luic (Samuel Le Bihan)--among them, sweet love letters, a work of art she painted herself, and finally a key to the house she is house sitting for a year while her friends are in the U.S. Despite all her efforts, he still stands her up on the evening of his birthday, leaving poor Angelique to wait in her pretty black dress for her date who will never come. Again and again she faces disappointment as Luic keeps letting her down, yet she stubbornly clings to the notion that he will eventually leave his pregnant wife. It really is sad to watch and the movie leaves viewers angry with Luic as he shamelessly uses this poor innocent girl.

After a very significant event in the movie, it at once rewinds back to the beginning scene. It goes through the entire plot again, this time from Luic's perspective. In this, the movie reveals to viewers new information critical to the truth.

This movie has a twist, which had me paying attention the whole time. Even though I had pulled out my latest knitting project (which has been hibernating for over a month now), I found myself with still hands, fully absorbed in the characters' lives. Granted, the movie is in French and attention must be paid to the subtitles in order to follow the plot. But I implore you readers--you all must watch this movie! You will not be disappointed by this dark romantic comedy. It has a great deal more substance than your everyday, run-of-the-mill Hollywood-bred romantic comedy. 


raecatherine said...

I adored Audre in Amelie (who didn't) Maybe on a girly movie nite, I'll be able to talk Andrew into this one!

Jaime said...

I'll have to check this one the way, how is Twilight going?

Tania said...

Definitely check the movie out girls!

I got done with Twilight last Saturday, Jaime. And I made the mistake of reading the "teaser" for New Moon at the end, which of course left me hanging. And naturally, I had to go get the book the very same day! I have less than 100 pages to go....but my chemistry studying is suffering as a result! :D