Thursday, July 17, 2008


I just had some yummy Vietnamese food for lunch, complete with bubble tea, and was reminded of home....where the bubble tea tastes better and comes in a humongous cup! I like to visit a blog occassionally, called Seattle Daily Photo. She takes such beautiful pictures and I visit anytime I feel homesick.

This picture makes me yearn to go back even more now: I miss the long summer days in Seattle. The photo below was taken at 9 pm!


Whennrome said...

I've never had bubble tea but I hear its pretty amazing

Miss Em said...

I lived in Seattle and near Gig Habor. gods, I hated going over the Tacoma Narrows bridge. Everytime it swayed I thougt and felt that it was going to collapse. NOT GOOD WITH HEIGHTS!!

THANKS for the blog's name for viewing pic's of Seattle. I really do miss being there. It was such a nice place to live. Long GREY, drizzly winters but the mild long days for summer was wonderful. Altho, Atlanta {current location} isn't too bad but the heat isn't what I prefer.

Miss Em said...

OH! Sorry, but forgot to ask:

What is Bubble tea? Do most Vietnamese restraunts have 'Bubble Tea'?

There are quite a few Vietnamese restraunts in Atlanta Area where I might be able to try it.