Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anything for you, hun

I'm in the process of testing out red velvet cake recipes after finally getting it out of hubs that this is his favorite type of cake. I want to bake him a welcome home red velvet cake when he comes home for R&R in November.

Let me just say, I think I've met my match. I hate red velvet cake! I baked two different recipes last weekend, just because I want to get over this trial period and settle on a recipe I can optimize. I've found it, thank the Lord, after only two cakes. 

First, I tried this recipe provided by Smitten Kitchen, but that was a complete failure. The recipe called for 2 whole cups of oil on top of the 1 cup of buttermilk, resulting in an overly moist cake, prone to falling apart. And fall apart it did. I let it cool for 15 minutes, but when it came time to invert the pans the cakes did not plop easily out. Rather, the top half of the cake came out with the bottom staying in the cake pan. Grrr!! I also wanted to stay away from the now traditional cream cheese frosting and turned to a 7 minute frosting. This was the first time I made it and it was a lot of fun to make! But the resulting product was overly sweet and sticky. I really didn't know that I would end up with a marshmallow cream frosting, which is really what it tastes like! Not my first choice. Scratch that off the list. So here are the pictures. It was such an ugly cake I tried to cover it up as much as I could. My lovely neighbors got this cake! (too sweet and rich for me!)

It really tasted more like a chiffon cake with all that oil in there and the light fluffy frosting. It really just melted in my mouth, but way too sweet!

The winning recipe is made with butter, less food coloring (my insides will thank me), and only 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (as opposed to 1/2 cup!) I liked this resulting cake a lot better, but it still fell apart on me, making it hard to layer it (I couldn't even layer the first cake!) I came to my own conclusion that this cake was such a problem for me because of the buttermilk. I've never had any problems with cakes falling apart on me and buttermilk is the only discriminating factor here. To save myself some trouble, I caved and made a cream cheese frosting for this cake. It was better, but there's no use in making a crumb coat with this frosting. I'd suggest going with the traditional buttercream for the crumb coat and letting that crust over before frosting the cake. I had so many crumbs that came through even though I frosted in 2 layers. I forgot to take pictures, but this cake didn't last long at work!

And so go my cake making adventures. Oh well, I'll get it soon enough! But if anyone has any tips on making red velvet cake, I'd much appreciate it!

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Jaime said...

That's so pretty I wouldn't want to eat it! ;)