Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rain and cupcake-making fun

It's 67 degrees out right now.....and we have a nice steady rain falling right now. I love it! I don't think I've seen sub 70 weather since April! I had to make a quick run to Target to buy a b-day card for my mom. The drive was uneventful but the lightning put on quite a show and the wind (and garbage) was blowing, although it was nothing compared to what force coastal Texas will be feeling tomorrow (pray for them!) When I came out of the store, it was a full-fledged rain storm. Unbelievably, there were still people running/walking around Reid Park at a quarter to 10! But don't you just love the sound of rain falling outside your window while you are tucked away all cozy in your house? It makes it better that my body is just exhausted from my cardio kickboxing class at Davis Monthan AFB. It's the perfect kind of tired, where you feel like you've worked really hard so you deserve to sit around for the rest of the night....with the rain falling steadily outside (drip drip splat splat). I hope it lasts so I can fall asleep to it. 

On a completely different subject, I made some cupcakes last night so that I could practice my rose-making skills. I had some left over frosting from my last cake decorating class and we are baking our final cakes tomorrow for Saturday morning's class, so I figured I should practice. The frosting was a little dry, last I checked, so I added more shortening to it (yuck!) but I think I added too much because it wasn't as stiff as it was supposed to be and I had a hard time making the roses. Well I guess they turned out for the most part, except a lot of them looked more like carnations than roses. I took a close up picture of the best rose I did. I'm pretty proud! I can only get better! Oh and look at Sammy coveting those cupcakes! Sorry, mutt. No Kahlua cupcakes for you. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs! Well, he did get a lick of frosting in the end.

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loquita said...

The roses look very cute! I actually like them a little better as carnations, so when that happens, just say you were making carnations. :-p