Monday, December 8, 2008

[Edited to include pics] So the element of surprise isn't exactly his forte...

I've been meaning to write a post about how I met Jon and all that followed after Loqui started her own chronicle (I will get to it soon Loqui!) But I've just been inspired by my friend Rae's foiled attempt to surprise her husband for the holidays to write about my husband's amazing knack for surprises....and this includes the purchase of my engagement ring.

Scene one: it's our first Valentine's Day together and we are getting dressed for a nice dinner at Duke's on Lake Union. Jon is ironing his shirt and I'm trying to keep busy as he finishes. I have to throw something away so, doing the right and normal thing, I open the door where the garbage is kept and throw it away. I spotted a vase with a single red rose, just sitting there. Imagine my surprise when I hear protests coming from Jon's direction.

"You weren't supposed to look in there! That was supposed to be a surprise!"

My response: "Well, why did you hide it there?"

Could he think of a more obvious place to hide it? How often do I look under the bed as opposed to how often I have to throw something away?

Fast forward four years to January 2007. I'm looking for something in my nightstand, fumbling and rummaging through all the drawers, when I happen upon a Tiffany's bag. Hmm, I wonder. How did that get in there? One of my friends had bought me a necklace from there as a going away present on one of my last nights in Seattle, and I instantly assumed that this was the bag it had come in. I specifically remember putting this in the office, so how did it get in my nightstand? I peek in the bag and realize that the box is a different shape from what the necklace came in. I realized that this was Jon's present to me for our upcoming anniversary! But I was a good girl and didn't peek inside the box. I just put it back in my nightstand, right where I found it, and didn't open that drawer again for 2 weeks.

It was a bit unexpected when he proposed to me. I honestly thought it was just a necklace or bracelet he had bought for the occasion. Oh, but the ring is beautiful! When I told him I had known about it's location for a while and asked him why he picked my nightstand of all places he could have hid it, he responded by telling me that he never saw me go in there so he thought it was safe. I still laugh about that one....and, of course, give him a hard time for it.

Yeah, I'm going to be the one hiding the Christmas presents when we have kids!

And here's aforementioned ring.

I just happened to have pictures of it when I emailed my friends back home that I was engaged. I love this ring, but it took me a while to get used to it. As you can see, the band is not rounded and that used to hurt me. Wanna know the size? Jon's going to kill's only .38 carats! He could have bought a way bigger diamond for the price he paid, had he bought it elsewhere. But I love it and it's perfect! Plus, any bigger and it would be really annoying for work, as I'm constantly gloving and de-gloving throughout the day. Jon was going to upgrade the diamond for our anniversary, but I've already told him not to. I love this ring and have come quite attached to it. And I'd rather put that money towards a down payment on a new house!


loquita said...

I love that - "I never saw you go in there". hehehehe :)

Is your ring from Tiffany's? You must share pics! I asked for the Tiffany solitaire setting because I think that is just the classiest looking solitaire setting. LT was wonderful and did get me exactly what I wanted, just not from the Tiffany's store. *sque* I love my ring. :-D

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh! He hit it in YOUR nightstand, that is SO funny! I was smiling the entire post through.

I second Loqui, you definitely need to share pictures!

MCNB said...

My wife's ring is about the same size. There is nothing to be embarassed about! In our case, it was the right size for her hand and we also have not 'upgraded' (a marketing term!) because we have other priorities. The ring is a symbol, and it is beautiful.

raecatherine said...

oh boy, jon's got a lot to learn about hiding presents!

Jaime said...

It's beautiful! Your band looks a lot like my own. How sweet! ;) Jimbo proposed with his Mother's wedding set, giving me my own ring after.