Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Work break

I'm in the middle of a timecourse experiment right now and my next time point collection is at 7. Sooo I'm sitting around waiting for another hour. How I love science!

I just checked back in my archives and I got that GC shot in my knee on 30 January. Wow I hadn't realized it's been that long! The doctor had advised me to skip out on running for a week, which I followed, no problem. I've learned not to run through injuries! Then, Jon came home, making it easier for me to put it off even more.

On Valentine's Day weekend, I went out to get a new pair of running shoes. I decided on the Saucony Grid Hurricanes because I loved them so much when I wore them last in 2004. I don't know why I didn't just keep getting those! I just got fitted for a new pair of shoes every time I had to go in for new ones. So I went back to those, but unfortunately, they didn't have my size. The store ordered them for me and they just got in last week.

So yesterday I was super excited to run again! I had been stretching my IT band as best as I could and keeping up with my cardio kickboxing class as much as I could (last weekend's interview didn't make that easy). I went to my favorite running path after work, happy with the 80-degree weather, thinking this was the perfect day to run. I decided I would take it really easy, running my 3 mile loop at about a 10-minute mile. Well, I got to mile 2 and, like in my last run, I started experiencing that dull throbbing in my left knee. Actually, I felt it towards the beginning of the run and just kept going, not too bothered by it. I stopped running at about 2 miles and walked. I was really raring to go so when I couldn't feel any more pain I started running fast. When this injury first popped up in 2006, I noticed that if I ran fast I didn't feel the symptoms during the run so I felt I could keep running. I thought maybe my gait was that drastically different when running fast as opposed to when I was just doing an easy jog. Of course it hurt after the run, but I was dumb (and stubborn) back then to keep doing it. So I decided to give it a shot yesterday. It was not the case. Rather than a dull pain, I experienced an intense throbbing pain within a few seconds! I gave up and walked the rest of the way.

I stretched really well when I was done. I didn't feel any pain in my knee at all, which just frustrated me because only a small amount of running aggravated it. I ran the length of the parking lot back and forth a few times, trying to get it to hurt again (I was trying to find anything wrong with my gait). The only time it hurt was when I stopped and turned to go back. It felt good otherwise. But I'm hobbling today and taking the stairs like a two year old.

This is the most frustrating injury I've had. Granted, when I hurt my ankle it took two years for me to be able to run without recurring pain, but at least it hasn't happened in a while! It did flare up last weekend for the first time in two years, but switching out my boots for good supportive shoes for a couple days put it back in its place! To think my main concern in '04 when training for my marathon was shin splints. I'd take shin splints over ITBS any day! I feel like I can't make any progress with this stupid IT band! What more can I do? I stretch, but is that enough? I find it difficult to stretch. Are there any good stretches out there for it? How long should I stretch it for each day? Should I invest in one of those foam rollers? Will that really help? A lot of questions that I'm asking any runners to help me answer. Any advice?


d.a.r. said...

I would def. invest in a foam roller. That helped my ITBS that aggravated my knee issues so much. But be careful of toooo much stretching as well.

Have you thought about starting out on a treadmill to ease things back into shape? Or doing a walk/run program to kind of give your joints some time to respond?

Good luck, pain sucks!

Sara said...

Glad you're listening to your body. Mark is pretty upset with me because I ran through shin splints today and was hobbling out of the gym after the workout. Looks like upper body work tomorrow! Hope you find something that works for you soon. I'd hate for you to have to give up running since you like it so much.

loquita said...

I wish I had advice -- but I have absolutely 0 experience with knee issues... I know you already went to the doctor, but is there some kind of running coach that you could work with to help with this?

Maybe doing something like yoga or pilates would help, in the sense that they are intrinsically heavy on the stretching?

The Mrs. said...

yeah ummm I got no advice for you. I'm sure hubs would have a ton but unless you need help digging a toy out of the toliet I'm of little use to you. But when the time comes for that toy/toilet keep me in mind.

That being said, I hope you power thru (being smart about it) and your back to full strength soon.