Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm game: I love me some etsy!

Since I borrowed this cute little button from Becca I thought I should participate!

I pretty much took some of my favorites from my favorited etsy items. I tried to mix it up some because 80% of my favorites are jewelry! And much like the pretty things I posted about yesterday, these won't be going in my shopping cart anytime soon, save for the earrings, which I already purchased.

The first item comes from muntedkowhai. I didn't used to like crocheted jewelry, but I can't get enough of it now!

Next up is a gorgeous cup set I've been coveting for quite a while now. I can't help but think twice about getting these with the $107 price tag, but I've got to give props to bailey doesn't bark....these are the prettiest cups I've seen! I love the gold touch!

Now if I had $675 to spend on a whim, this dress from Makool would be top on my list! I don't care that I would have hardly any ocassion to wear it....it's just soooo pretty!

These earrings are beautiful! I've been wanting some feather earrings for a while and didn't want to go the peacock route because that's all I was seeing for a while. These macaw feather earrings from Global Goddess Goods were just what I was looking for. They even have a little Peruvian seed so I feel like an Amazonian princess when I wear them! :P

Last is a print from Ancient ArtiZen. The photo is of the rooftops of some houses in Cusco, my mother's home town. Well, she's actually from a smaller town, Limatambo, which is about 2 hours away, but close enough. Anyways, Cusco was by far my favorite city on our trip to Peru back in 1999. I really want to go back and this print is a nice reminder to myself. Jon has even expressed interest to visit, so it's definitely on our travel list!

There are my contributions! Sorry they're so late in the day, but this is pretty much the only time I can blog. Having Jon home makes it a lot harder to find time to do this and keep up with reading! Have a good night!


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OMG, that's WAY funny, I fell in love with a crocheted necklace, and the next day when I went to buy it it had sold! I LOVE this one! good find!