Monday, March 30, 2009

Next trip to Sin City will be in a plane!

There was SO much traffic on the way up! It took us 9 hours to get there when it should have taken 6! We took the shorter way that was also supposed to be the faster way, but it turned out otherwise. Can somebody tell me why every single highway in the state of Arizona has some sort of construction work being done? I'm serious when I say the whole way there was slow! Slow traffic at Picacho Peak, slow going through Surprise, almost standstill at Wickenburg, and then it took us 1 1/2 hours to cross the Hoover Dam! That's right....1 1/2 hours to go 10 frickin' miles! Jon was cursing up a storm that whole time, exclaiming that this was a bad idea and why were we even going. I simply responded, "You were the one that wanted to go to Vegas so bad. We could have been in San Diego by now." That got him to stop, but we were both so tired and hungry by the time we got there.

For anyone planning on staying at the Planet Hollywood, please valet your car! We found out later that it's complimentary. Don't go the cheap way and self park because you are going to have to go trek through the Miracle Mile shopping center. It was awesome....with all our bags. We wait in line to check in and when we get there, they have limited rooms with a king size bed. Would we like the smoking optional room or the handicap room? Ugh! We pick the handicap room and it's complete with rails all over the place. We were going to stay there, but it looked like the room hadn't been occupied in a while. The furniture was dusty and the sink and shower drains were SLOW. Taking a required bath....I think not. Good thing we were able to switch rooms after the first night!

Other than that, we had a blast! The Strip was crowded to capacity and everybody was WASTED! The yard long margaritas were really prevalent and I wanted one, but never got one. Maybe next time! Jon was actually meeting up with a friend from high school so we hung out with his group. Jon went along with the group, which happened to be Jewish, and went with the "what's cheaper" theme. Yes I'm stereotyping, but yes that's the way it was. They do it to themselves! :P We went to Bill's Casino and I drank up four 99 cent margaritas which weren't half bad! I barely got a buzz off them, but there definitely was tequila in there.....they were just so small! 

The next day was set aside for shopping. Unfortunately, I had a bad headache and wasn't in the mood so I left Vegas empty handed. I didn't find anything I needed at H&M, which was a disappointment, but I'll hit it up again when it opens up in Scottsdale. That night we went to Toby Keith's I ♥ This Bar and Grill. Don't ask me why this group wanted to eat there! It was fun though! I got a mason jar of electric lemonade which was all I needed, believe me! Some drunk girl just sat down at our table mid meal to ask us about Earth Hour, which I had no idea was happening that night. Sure enough, as we were walking back to our hotel I noticed that all the marquee signs were off. To be honest, I couldn't even tell because at ground level all the casino lights were on and it was still bright. You had to look up to notice that any lights were on.

All in all, it was a good trip even though we only really spent a day there. Next time we're flying! 

Dinner time now. And I have a big day tomorrow. I have to break the news to my boss that I'm leaving my job in May. I'm so nervous! We're going through a grant renewal now so it's really bad timing. How am I supposed to tell my boss that I went behind his back and applied to nursing school?


. Becca . said...

Sounds like a BLAST!

Good luck tomorrow with your boss. That's never fun... You'll be a fantastic nurse :)

Full of Heart said...

Hopefully your boss just realizes your potential and is happy for you that you're moving forward in your life!
The one, and only, time I've been to Vegas I was really grossed out by everyone being so drunk and all the men leering at me and my friends. I guess that's what I get for going with only girls, although we sure got into everywhere for free! I vote for San Diego next time!

d.a.r. said...

I hope things went well with the boss!!!

And we went to Toby Keith's last summer, the food was to die for. Yummy deep fried macaroni and cheese haha. And we definitely had drinks out of mason jars...that was a LOT of margarita for this little girl!