Thursday, April 16, 2009

Miss me yet?

I think blogging has slowly taken a back burner in my priorities as of late. I've been wanting to write all week, but have not found the time to. Did I mention I'm never going to get sick of lounging around with my husband? I really think that will be never!

I just wanted to share some pictures of my most recent baking attempts. I've been neglecting my blog, my baking, my knitting, and exercise (although involuntarily). What am I doing you may ask. Well....nothing! Up to now. 

I got the urge to bake something on Easter so I ventured over to a nearby Walmart to get some Peeps and candy eggs. I had seen a picture floating around the internet of some really cute Easter cupcakes, but wanted to wait to buy the candy for it when everything was on sale. Here is what resulted from my flour-fest

They just scream SPRING!! to me. I personally hate Peeps, but I think they're adorable and actually feel bad for them when I see all those unwanted pink, blue, yellow, and purple chickies and bunnies. There are always so many left over after Easter! The cupcakes are carrot and the frosting is of the necessary cream cheese variety, dyed green of course to represent grass. While these look cute, I wasn't too crazy about them. I messed around with the frosting too much, which resulted in an over-whipped goopey mess. No amount of refrigeration or pushing it through a small pastry tip would alleviate this problem, so I had to abandon my plans of piping "grass" with my special tip. I had to resort to the spatula. The cupcakes themselves, weren't all too tasty for me, especially after an hour of hand grating baby carrots (I had no normal sized carrots on hand!) Too much work for less than spectacular results. I will not be making these again, and handed the recipe I used to a girl at work that loved these cupcakes. Maybe I'm just not that big of a fan of carrot cake??

So after that failure and in need of something satisfyingly scrumptious, I searched dessert recipes on trusty Martha's website. Realizing that I had over a pound of Costco strawberries left that were about to go, I settled on some strawberry shortcake, which I've never made before. It was sooo good!

Drool! I didn't add as much sugar to the strawberries as the recipe called for and it was plenty sweet. Mmm....way better than those Peep cupcakes. I've been redeemed!

In Elefante news, I finally figured out a way to sew on the head without the stitches looking all gross and ugly. I just have to sew on two more feet, eyes, and the tail and she's done! I will post pictures as soon as I'm done and get my lazy butt to uploading them. Seriously, pictures will stay in my camera forever! 

Good night everyone! I've missed you all!


jlc said...

Wow and nowwww I want a midnight snack. Thanks!! ;)

Casey said...

I laughed out loud picturing you grating baby carrots! How many times did you get your fingers?

kd said...

Girl, do you have a food processor with a grater attachment? That's what I do when I have to grate carrots for carrot cake--life saver!!

The cupcakes look adorable...and I LOVE me some Peeps

Lindsay said...

I cannot believe you hate peeps. I'm concerned for your well being at this point.

The cupcakes were so cute! And I love strawberry shortcake. You can send any leftovers my way if you feel so inclined!

Cole said...

Wow, both recipes look great!! You aren't alone; I dont' like Peeps either.

Full of Heart said...

Those cupcakes are amazingly cute! I love carrot cake (and cream cheese frosting!), so maybe I'll have to give the recipe a try. My mom loves Peeps, but they're a little way too sweet for me.

Teresa said...

Haha, oh my gosh I feel sorry for the Peeps too! They're cute but just not that tasty.

Nikki said...

Yes I missed you and you are very talented!