Monday, April 27, 2009

Pictures from Colorado

With this job comes certain obligations, and I was off fulfilling one last week in Denver. It all started when my boss came up to me last November and asked me if I wanted to present a poster at the upcoming AACR annual meeting. I had it pretty easy. One of my co-workers, a post-doc in the lab, wrote the abstract, submitted it, and made the poster. All I had to do was stand there for three hours and address any questions passing scientists may have had. Too bad my poster was on the very last day of the conference and situated in a corner section! Oh well.

Among mini-symposia and various other talks I attended in addition to posters, I spent a couple hours circulating the vendor booths and snagging free stuff. I got free cappuccinos, cookies, pens, Starbuck's gift cards, iTunes downloads, reusable shopping bags, a free timer, and other cool souvenirs fitting for a science nerd. 

Pictures weren't allowed at all (although I saw plenty of cameras out in poster sessions and symposia), but I caught a couple snapshots of the cute bear that stands outside the Colorado Convention Center.

Here he is from inside. He's peeking inside at all the goings-on in the convention center. The first time I looked up, it looked like he was in the process of attacking the innocent people sitting in the chairs directly below him.

Here he is from the outside. He looks so harmless and curious!

In the evenings I was able to sneak away for a couple of road trips with Jon. Poor guy was so bored throughout the day! We went up to Boulder one day and down to Colorado Springs the next. Boulder was too extremely hippie for me. I guess it didn't help that we were there for 4/20. No pictures from the town itself, but we took some on the way when we got closer to the mountains
Ugh, I look pregnant in this picture! Anyways, I really miss big, snow-covered mountains! The field behind me was full of prairie dogs scampering around. I wanted to take one home they were so cute!

I was more excited for Colorado Springs. That's where Jon's grandfather was living when he passed away and he also attended the Air Force Academy there for a year, so there was more of a connection with this city. We visited the Garden of the Gods Park, which made me feel like I was back in Arizona with all those red rocks!

We also went to eat at the German restaurant that Jon used to go to with his family when he was visiting there, Edelweiss. This boy loves German food, which surprises me considering how picky he is. This was my first taste of the cuisine, and it was a lot better than I thought it would be. I just pictured greasy sausages and sauerkraut and it was more than that, although not much more, I have to admit. I had the zigeunerschnitzel, which I liked probably because of the sauce it came with. Jon had the weinerschnitzel and, while good when eaten in small portions, I don't think I could have handled the whole thing all on its own!

Here is my handsome husband looking sooo happy that he's eating German food! I've resisted for so long! Poor guy! 

I wish I could have snapped a picture of him eating Peruvian food just so you could compare the two pictures. That boy is no fan of Peruvian food! I was so happy there was a restaurant so close to the convention center. Lunch buffet for $ can't beat that! I was stuffed when done, filling my stomach with some refreshing chicha morada, ceviche, aji de gallina, seco de cordero that was very comparable to what my mom makes, and various other dishes that were all out on display, all for me! Ahhh...if only there were a good Peruvian restaurant in Tucson! I'm craving all this food just remembering it!

That is the wrap up of the Denver trip. We next went on to Seattle, but I'll share pictures of that part of the trip tomorrow, unless I feel even more sick then. I'm still feeling under the weather today and I got out of work early because of it. Poor Jon will be eating leftover matzo ball soup, as I'm not feeling well enough to cook. Have a good night! 


jlc said...

A man liking greasy sausages?! No surprise there!! :D

Awwww you and your hubbs are so cute!!!

You're SO pretty and your hubby is so TAN!!

Jealousssss. Hahah! Bumbee gets real dark like that too. I need me some of that blood!

Cole said...

You do not look pregnant! I think you look pretty stinking cute!!

Both you and your hubby are adorable. :-)

raecatherine said...

I like the bear photos too! Sometime on a Washington visit you need to take Jon to Leavenworth--lots of good German food there.

Leslie said...

Cool pics! And I don't think you look pregnant in that pic, cute, not pregnant. :) And yes, I've come back to Chile. We still have another year left here. *sigh* But I'm here. What can I do? And yes, I still want the gloves. We are approaching our winter time. It starts in June. Hope you are doing well.

Full of Heart said...

You don't look pregnant!!!! And if you did in anyway (your belief, not shared by me!!) it's stimply because of how the sweater fits you.
Looks like a fun trip, and the food sounds realllly yummy! I've never been to Boulder but apparently it's exactly like my hometown (where I'm living currently) minus the whole ocean situation. And you're probably right, 4/20 brings out the worst in the crazy hippies.

Nikki said...

I love the bear! And you are too cute in your pic. I am glad you guys had a nice time and holy coolness on the freebie stuff you got!