Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So many changes in such a short time

I finally have a little bit of a break! Time to eat these yummy Rainier cherries that my wonderful husband picked up for me at the grocery store because I couldn't tear myself away from my books and notes. Time to watch those dark monsoon clouds roll in over the mountains, bringing thunder, lightning, and the promise of rain. Just a few days to savor, to do my own thing and maybe even bake a little! Perhaps I should even work on those knitting projects that I've promised! Come Monday, I go to the hospital to start my clinicals and I couldn't be more excited! For now, I'm quite content with the view out my window, laptop on my lap. Because I'm such a horrible writer, here are the changed we've experienced this past month in bullet form:
  • Losing Sammy. It's been a huge adjustment getting used to living without a demanding, needy pup.
  • Nursing school. It's been a time-consuming, not to mention, life-consuming change. Poor Jon is on his own for the most part on the weekends. I also have not chopped a single onion, used the garlic press, or turned on the oven since the second week of school. 
  • We moved! We are new homeowners of a Southwest style house. We've been wanting a house of this style since we moved to Arizona. You can't have a house like this back home in Washington (especially for the price we got it for)!
  • We took in another dog. I really wasn't happy about this and felt really pressured to agree with it. But over crying many tears of frustration I decided to agree to it, since it would be helping out my father-in-law. Jon's parents moved to Malaysia at the beginning of this month and couldn't take the dogs. The airline wanted $6000 for one dog! I'm still not crazy about the dog, but I've warmed up a little to him. I just feel like it's WAY to soon after Sammy died. Right now I feel like I can't love another dog the way I love Sammy. This dog is also SOOO different from him. Here's the mutt, Dakota:

Well, that's all for now. I promised myself not to make a long post. I hope to share more later this week!


Sara said...

I think there's always that one special pup. The rest after are just companions. Did you ever figure out what happened to him? What caused such a sudden death

Katie said...

It sounds like school and moving has really helped keep you busy which I think is important after losing Sammy. Is Dakota a Golden Retriever/lab mix?

Cole said...

Boy, you've been busy!

You'll never replace Sammy; it just isn't possible... but be open to Dakota. Such a cute face; I hope she grows on you.

Full of Heart said...

It's a cutie dog! But I can totally understand you not being ready yet. In your own time i'm sure you two will figure out a new relationship.

Glad to hear school hasn't KILLED you yet. Do you guys get to wear awesome all white scrubs too??

New Girl on Post said...

I totally understand your feeling about losing Sammy. I hope though in time you warm-up to this dog and if not then that's ok. Sammy seems like he was an amazing dog, that's hard to replace.

School sounds so busy, but I bet you are doing an amazing job!

P.S. Glad you liked the bite out of my kabob picture. What can I say? I was hungry!

New Girl on Post said...

Just checking up on you to make sure you are doing ok.