Thursday, August 13, 2009


That's the nickname we gave Dakota. And the "R" is silent. Here's how we came up with it.

Jon loves to sing songs about the dogs in our life. It used to be Sammy and now it's Dakota. We will turn literally every song into a dog song. With Dakota, Jon has been singing along to the tune of the Oscar Mayer balogna song. You know the one, right? Jon's version:

"My doggie has a first name. It's D-O-K.....O....R"

Spelling is not his strong suit. That's as far as he got because I started laughing. "Doko?" I asked, thinking he said D-O-K-O-A. The name stuck, but you spell it "Dokor", with the "R" being silent of course. Here are some "Dokor" pictures

They were edited with iPhoto. The program really makes it too easy! Photoshop is way too intimidating to me.

I mentioned yesterday how much I miss knitting. I also really miss baking! Some classmates of mine had a BBQ a while back to celebrate a birthday and I made some cute little lemon tarts

The recipe called for sweetened condensed milk and I still have leftover. I'm leaving for Washington tomorrow and was wondering how to get rid of this leftover. I really hate throwing things away! My solution? Dulce de leche brownies! They look too good! The idea planted into my head last night as I was watching a program on Bolivia and they were talking about alfajores. I really didn't want to make alfajores because they are way too time consuming for me. Anything I have to roll out, really. A quick search led me to the brownies. The recipients? My old co-workers as I plead for them to water my plants while I'm gone!


Sara said...

I heart alfajores big time. We always made fun of the name cuz it sounds like "alpha whore" hehe. key Lime pie also has sweetened condenced milk. But yours sounds better.Very yummy indeed!

Tania said...

Haha! That's how they're known in our household! Alpha whores!

Full of Heart said...

I tagged you for an award on my blog! Come check it out!

lala [mrs. new guy] said...

it's been a while since you left me that sweet comment on the post i wrote the day that matt left, but here i am finally getting around to thanking you for it. that was a long, hard week, but every comment i received on that post made me feel less and less alone. thank you for taking the time to write to me, it really did help. :]

have fun in washington! too bad i'm gone- we could have tried for a get-together!