Monday, June 18, 2007


I've finally gotten up the courage to start a blog. Some may wonder why starting a blog is such a "scary" endeavor. Well, a blog is a huge commitment. By starting one, you have bound yourself for an indefinite amount of writing and posting and being creative. Otherwise, you're readers will be bored out of their minds! And what about the problem of a seemingly uneventful life? Such a predicament will only result in infrequent posts, hence defeating the very purpose of a blog. Nevertheless, I've been toying with the idea for a couple years now, and somewhat satisfied this desire with myspace. I occassionally blogged, but it's not really FOR that, it seems. People seem to be more interested in pictures, and commenting, and seeing how many "friends" they can get....I outgrew it quickly (great way to find long lost friends though!). So, after reading a couple friends' blogs and a lot of knitting-specific ones, here I am today with my very own blog! I guess I needed that motivation. So now starts the chronicles of my life. It will include accounts of desert excursions, venting after a day's commute, social issues that may come up, and, of course, pictures and updates on my knitting projects. So......hope everyone enjoys and I'll do my best to keep this up!

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