Saturday, June 23, 2007

We have a true desert dog on our hands

We've been experiencing true desert summer weather for over the past week. Temperatures have been soaring in the 100s. In Tucson (where I work) it got up to 108 on Thursday and 106 on Friday. At the same time in Sierra Vista it hit 100 (thank you extra elevation!)

Well, today we got a little relief from the heat. Clouds rolled into our quaint little town around noon and it rained a little for about half hour. Sammy, being his usual mutt self, wanted in and out. Once it started raining, he went out and immediately came back in when he realized that the water was falling from the sky.

What? Water falls from the sky? It doesn't just come out of faucets and sprinklers? What kind of cruel game is God trying to play on me? He knows I absolutely *despise* baths! The sounds of the shower door opening and the running water alone are enough for me to make a beeline for under the bed!

It was funny watching his vain attempts to keep dry, darting around the yard with squinty eyes trying to find a dry spot. He eventually gave up and resigned himself to the nice cool tile of the kitchen. These events all made it evident to me that this dog is not cut out for the Seattle lifestyle. Hate to break the news to you Sammy, but eventually, Mommy and Daddy *are* going to move back home. Don't worry, monsoon season is just around the corner so endless drizzle will be cake by then.

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