Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Knitting for babies

I've been feeling older for a while now. I think it started when classmates from high school started settling down and having babies. Ever since this initiating event, it seems that I am constantly surrounded by babies! At Fred Hutch, 3 friends welcomed new bundles of joy within a year period. Now, here at the Cancer Center, there are 3 labmates expecting--due dates within one month of each other! I must admit, I get a little excited when I hear about imminent arrivals, because then gives me a reason to indulge in my favorite couch potato hobby--knitting! Knitting for babies is the best because I can make complicated, intricate things that don't take too long because they're so dang tiny!

So, I made a pretty big baby blankie for one co-worker (she's having a boy), but I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it before I gave it to her at her baby shower. Now I am working on several smaller projects for another co-worker who is having a girl (she's due next week!). So I have pictures here of 3 finished items.

The first one here is a bib (pattern here). It was a really simple pattern knit up in short rows( see close-up for stitch detail)--one of my favorite knitting techniques. The result is a rectangle knit up in triangular sections. Well, since this particular item's purpose is to get messy by catching falling food, I figured I should knit it up in a color that wouldn't show off stains very well. Another important criteria for picking a yarn (for ANY baby item in general) is that it *must* be MACHINE WASHABLE. I found this yarn at my local Wal-mart, so of course it is 100% acrylic...........and 100% machine washable. Also, the funky color combination will camaflouge any obvious stains that result from baby's feeding time.

The next item for baby girl, is a warm little hat, found here. I must admit, I've never knit a hat before, so I was quite excited to see how it would turn out. It has a little intarsia in there, so it was enough to keep me going until the very end (plain stockinette stitch can be monotonous). Look at the cute hearts!

The last thing I finished took a whole Sunday. Jon's been out in the field so I've been sitting on my butt and knitting with no distraction (other than the dog wanting in and out constantly). The result is the following adorable baby halter top......and stiff elbows and wrists!

With all this done, I've started Miss Dashwood, a cute little hat that can be worn in any season here. I'm knitting it in a burgundy cotton yarn, which is good for the summers here in Arizona....cooler, yet provides necessary cover from the intense sun here. Hidden earflaps come out for the cooler winters.

As an aside, the Knitty website has some pretty unique patterns for just about anything you heart desires to knit. You can find your more traditional patterns, but included in their archive are items such as "Peek-a-boob" and "Intolerable cruelty." Well-known, very experienced knitters submit their own designed patterns, which are included in issues of Knitty (if only I were so talented!). I discovered this website a while ago, but never had the courage to knit anything from it. Everything there is just so beautiful and looks so complicated, but, turns out, they really aren't! All you need is the knowledge to read patterns, some needles, and your favorite yarn (of the correct gauge of course....unless you're THAT good)!


raecatherine said...

tania! whooo ha ha...i've discovered yet another old friend thru a blog. congrats on your marriage!

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Tania! Nice knitting stuff! Knitting is also my favorite couch-potatoe hobby! hahahah You're so funny!