Friday, September 21, 2007

Rest in peace Gloria

I had been following the story of Gloria Strauss for a while now. I stumbled upon her story last spring as I was getting updated on news from home on the Seattle Times webpage. Gloria has been battling neuroblastoma for 4 years now. This morning, she lost the battle and passed on. I don't know if any of the readers of this blog have been reading about Gloria's story, but it is one not to be missed.

After numerous attempts to knock out the cancer, it persisted, and Gloria and her family decided to stop treatment and let matters rest in the hands of God. Earlier, before Gloria had even been diagnosed, her mother heard God speak to her. He told her that Gloria would get an incurable cancer and that when he healed her, he would change the lives of many. So the chronicles of Gloria's story are about this struggle, and the family waiting for their miracle, the healing of Gloria. Today, Gloria got her miracle and she was healed of her cancer. And like Gloria's mom heard God tell her, it changed the lives of many.

I encourage everyone to read the whole series, written by Seattle Times journalist, Jerry Brewer. Gloria is a beautiful girl and an inspiration to all. Just read all the comments after news of her passing was announced! I guarantee you, you will be moved by her courage, and when you get done, there won't be any dry eyes.

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raecatherine said...

beautifully worded, tania! i followed her story in the news as well, and was sad to hear of her passing this morning. a remarkable girl and family, all-around.