Friday, September 21, 2007

Woke up this morning at 4 instead of 5. Arghhhh!!!! Stupid alarm clock! While I was setting my alarm, the time also somehow got messed up and pushed an hour ahead. I didn't realize until I finished getting ready in the bathroom. My clock: 5:49, Jon's clock: 4:49. What?! What time is it really?! Check cell phone because the network's time is always right. 4:50!!!!

Oh well, I got a really early start, and had time to post this blog. I found a really cool article on MSN about some boys back home in Washington that started a really cool business charity deal for the impoverished in Uganda, called Krochet Kids International. The link to the story was entitled "Saving the world, one stitch at a time." Being obsessed with knitting, I wanted to find out if this story involved my favorite hobby at all. Well, close. These guys are teaching women in Uganda how to crochet beanies for a wage. Once they have enought beanies, they are going to bring them back over to the U.S. and start selling them. I thougtht it was a really cool idea, and brave on the boys' part. I hope they succeed!

Well, it's almost sunrise now. Time to get going!

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lobstah said...

Thanks for the link to me :) Your knitting is so gorgeous, I love the little dress and blankie. Adorable!

Your waking-up-late story reminded me of one time when my sister was in high school and she sleep-walked into the shower at 2 AM, as if getting ready for school. Only woke up when my dad started banging on the door asking what the heck she was doing! Pretty funny! I guess getting up to early is better than too late, though not much.