Sunday, February 10, 2008


I was just reading an old blog post on my myspace page about all the things I would miss in Seattle (this was at the time where I was preparing to make the move down here). Decided that I wanted to share:

Being able to drive over the mountains when I feel the urge to see my parents and crazy Diana(sis).

Treating Mikey(bro) and Terry (sis) to dinner once in a while; shopping with Terry.

THE's all around and I love it.

Being able to see the Cascades on those rare clear, crisp winter days.

Watching the pouring rain during winter from the safety of my cozy lab (we have the best view of Lake Union and Queen Anne hill).

Watching all those sailboats out on Lake Union on Tuesday nights during the summer.

Watching the leaves change color in the fall and walking through them.

The sound of the rain falling outside my window.

Trail runs in the rain....listening to the rain hit the leaves overhead and the smell of wet earth.

Those 90 degree days when I can't even stand to be in my 93 degree apartment...I just hang out at movie theaters and malls on those days and try to sleep in that oven at night.

Being able to get up in the summer at 5:30 and have the sun already up.

That being said, being able to take a walk at 10 pm and feel safe because it's pretty light out.

Discovery Park, Golden Gardens, Carkeek Park, Alki Beach, Kerry Park, Gasworks Park....

The Burke-Gilman trail where the miles are marked and all my long runs take place.

The many race options I have here....there are so many throughout the year! I still want to run the Seattle marathon one of these days.

Getting excited every day I wake up and it's going to be a clear, warm Seattleites don't take the sun for granted!!!

My friends...they helped me get through those lonely weekends.

OOOOoooooo....I just found another old blog post. More on that later...this should be fun....

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