Saturday, February 9, 2008

A must see

I just got back from watching Juno (finally!) I loved this movie! Ellen Page, I feel was a perfect fit for her character, and she played it very well. The dialogue was very witty and quick, and I couldn't find a dry moment in the whole thing. Michael Cera was adorable and still the same nerd he played in Superbad. I love how in most of his scenes he's wearing these bright gold track shorts. In short, the movie was very cute, funny, and realisitic. I encourage everyone to see it!

On a side note, how about that caucus. Any Washingtonians participate? From the pictures, it looked like a zoo! I'm so glad Arizona just has a primary!

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Jaime said...

Oh I really want to see this!!! I keep trying to get out and do so before it's gone from the theater.

And I just love Ellen Page. She was awesome in Hard Candy.