Wednesday, May 28, 2008


That's the number of times the word "ass" or other variations of the word appear in this post, so be warned.

I'm so sick of dealing with idiot drivers here in Tucson. I haven't had run-ins with them very frequently, fortunately, because I no longer have to commute from Sierra Vista every day. But today just solidified a belief that I've held for a while now: people who drive big ass trucks are ASSHOLES. Just because you're sitting up all high does not make you high and mighty and able to do whatever the hell you want! You still should be courteous to other drivers on the road!

So in Tucson most of the major streets are 4-6 lanes across...more like little mini highways with speed limits ranging anywhere from 35-45 mph. You can find most of us cruising down these streets at 50 mph unless it is a well-known heavily patrolled area (note: Tucson is greatly lacking in traffic cops). A lot of these streets gain and lose lanes at certain intersections, and I know where these intersections are. If I'm approaching one I know will be short one lane on the other side of the light, I try to avoid staying in that disappearing lane, unless I want to make the light, which is an entirely different beef I have with Tucson drivers. Even when I know I will have to merge with the other lane, I don't gun it and try to cut the other drivers off....I proceed slowly so as to let other drivers know that I'm not there to cut you off like some jerk.

Well that happened to me twice today, by the same truck! I just let him cut me off both times, although I was fuming at this display of assholeness. To add to my anger, the second time he was cutting me off, right behind him was another driver trying to do the same! And what, you may ask, was this asshole driving? You guessed it: a big ass truck! I could see him looking in his side mirror and turning his head as he gunned it, but I was beyond pissed at that moment. I gunned it too (oh hell no, this other asshole is not getting away with this too!) He finally had to concede and slowed down to get behind me, but that didn't stop him from riding me until I had to turn off. It's occurrences like these that bring out the bitch in me. Watch out...I can be a very aggressive driver!


loquita said...

I'm feeling you on the post, and the labels.

I have notoriously bad road rage. Nothing makes me more angry that dumbass people not paying attention in morning traffic that cause a bunch of people to not make it through a red light. If I lived somewhere with lots of lanes like you're describing, I would definitely want to kill people for being assholes about merging - that is absolutely a pet peeve of mine.

Jaime said...

I HATE idiot drivers!! My peeve is when you're in the left lane and the person in front of you is piddle farting around. So you try to pass them on the right and they start speeding up!! GRR!!

About Twilight, you can go to Youtube and search under "Twilight Trailer" to see that (awesome!) and then "Twilight MTV clip" to see what was erased on my blog. Youtube keeps pulling them down sadly.

I've finished reading Twilight again (makes 6 times now) and New Moon (makes 3). I wanted to read Eclipse again but have forced myself to finish up Into the Wild so I can start "The Host" also by Stephanie Meyer ;)