Sunday, June 15, 2008

A common weakness among females

I love shoes. I don't think I can have enough of them. I love strappy heels and wedges especially. Unfortunately, my job requires me to stand on my feet and run around most of the day, so I've been sticking to flip flops and sneakers in order to save my ankles and joints for the constant pounding I subject them to. This doesn't stop me from occasionally splurging on what I consider a must-have to my shoe collection. A couple months ago I indulged myself with a shoe shopping excursion, as I hadn't bought a pair of shoes in a while. I found a pair of strappy sandals at Dillard's that I just had to have, since the pair I had been eyeing at Nordstrom's was discontinued. I've been wanting those shoes for 2 years now, and considering they were available last year still, I figured they would be this year as well. Not so. These shoes that I bought were close to what I wanted....minus the wedge heel and the ankle strap. But I loved them and couldn't wait to wear them! Too bad my dog, Sammy, got to them first.

I pulled these shoes out of the closet for the first time a couple weeks ago to possibly wear to a get-together with my co-workers. It's been so warm lately, so I was going to wear a skirt or dress and these shoes. At the last minute, I decided to go more casual and just went with a pair of shorts and a tank top. In my hurry, I left the shoes out of the closet and forgot about them for a couple days, as they were in a part of the bedroom that I don't go to very often. So my precious shoes were out in the open, unprotected from inconsiderate doggy temptations.

It happened while I was at home people! This dog has no shame! I was making my usual rounds in the blogosphere, which takes a considerable amount of time. I noticed after a while that Sammy was being a little too quiet--usually he is demanding something of me: I'm not giving him enough attention, I'm eating something he wants, he wants to go outside (again). When I noticed the lack of annoyance I perked up my ears to hear his location. I heard him doing something in the bedroom so I rushed over there to behold this scene

I could not believe it. After months of not pulling a bad stunt, he had to do this! I immediately grabbed the shoes and asked him "What is this?!" When Sammy hears these words, he knows mommy is very angry. Down go the ears and the eyes--he can't even look at me. "Bad boy!" I tell him. And then the dreaded words: "Go in your box!" (Jon and I call the crate the "box" after we heard his mom use that word--we thought it was funny.) At this point Sammy ran into his box. For us, this is the equivalent of time out and sending a child to their room--he doesn't particularly like it, but he accepts it.

Truth be told, I thought the mutt was over this stage. There were times where I left him out of his crate for a couple hours at a time while I visited with my neighbors or went grocery shopping. I guess I was testing him so maybe eventually I wouldn't have to crate him all day when I go to work. I inspected every corner of the house when I got home, looking for any hint of chewed up baseboards or remnants of my socks and underwear. Up till now, he always passed these little tests. Well, this incident showed me that he's not ready and he has been crated every time I even needed to step out of the house for a few minutes. He totally betrayed my trust and he's going to have to work to regain it!

I'm so upset with my loss! What makes it more upsetting is the fact that I paid $70 for these shoes that I never got to wear! (In retrospect, I should not have spent so much money on these--they totally don't look like they should have cost $70!) The fact that I spent so much money on a chew toy upsets me. I'm looking into getting them repaired. I need to justify spending that much money on them by actually wearing them!


Jaime said...

Oh NOOOO!!! Attack of the chewing mutts! Our dog is just as bad only he targets all of the kiddos toys.

I hope you find another pair you love equally as much. I love shoes too but right now if I tried to wear any out with the kids I'd break my leg (or my neck!).

loquita said...

I know this post probably wasn't supposed to be funny, but I couldn't stop laughing after I saw the picture of your pup in his "box" with that "i'm sorry mommy, i didn't mean to chew that!" look on his face.

Ah, dogs. The trials we go through to have them in our lives. :)

Tania said...

In all honesty, I could have been way more upset. I was more shocked than anything and feeling the loss of $70. He looked so cute when he was sulking to his box, I had to stand my ground and stay tough. I think he thinks the shoes are his now because every time I get them out, his ears perk up and he follows me around.

Whennrome said...

I also use "box" for Jagger's kennel. And i completely understand the love for shoes. I have hesitated to post pictures of my favorites.