Monday, June 16, 2008

It's definitely summer here!

It's past 10 and it finally dropped down to 95 degrees! It was so hot today, yet I still saw quite a few people running around Reid Park at 7 pm when it was still at least 100--brave souls. I miss running there! I decided to run in the mornings now when the temperature is more bearable, so that I can save myself from the awful headaches I get from running in the heat. Except I don't want to run at the park so early because it has a reputation. One of my cardio kickboxing buddies almost got raped there, and I am not taking any chances. So I have to stick to the Tucson International Airport, a four mile run round trip from my house. But...I think I'll be out for a while. I just donated my precious O+ blood today and even walking upstairs leaves me panting now :(


loquita said...

Oh man, it really sucks that the place you like to run is shady in the early morning. Glad you are figuring something out, though, definitely important to stick with that routine.

I have never donated blood, and I don't even know my blood type! Do you do it at work?

Jaime said...

I need to donate blood. I hope you can find a safe and fun place to run. It's a shame you can't enjoy a nice place because of awful people.

Tania said...

I work right next door to a hospital. Every once in a while the Red Cross comes in and has a blood drive, so I do it as regularly as I can. I only started donating last year because the location is so convenient--no excuses now! My incentive to start was to learn my blood type!

I'm still feeling tired and I can't handle very much physical exertion without being short of breath. I hope I can survive kickboxing tomorrow morning!