Sunday, June 22, 2008

"One Semester of Spanish" Spanish Love Song

One of my co-workers showed this video to me a long while ago, but when I went to look for it on my own,  I couldn't find it! I just found it on one of my radio station's web pages. I laugh my ass off every time I watch it, because it's mostly true. You only know so much Spanish after just one semester and he uses the most common phrases and words that students learn during this time to formulate a "love song."

My favorite part of the song is when he's counting. Enjoy!


loquita said...

I was totally cracking up at the part where he's counting and can't remember how to say eleven! lol!

This reminded me of my high school Spanish teacher. He used to create these lyrics sheets with missing words, and then we had to listen to the song and fill in the words. Usually the point was to learn a new verb tense. He inspired a ton of people in my class to become Enrique Iglesias fans when he had us listen to "Si Tu Te Vas" to learn the future subjunctive (I think!).

Had to go look up the video - you need some Enrique to spice up your Monday!

Whennrome said...

God do they really send students abroad knowng that little spanish?! Actually, I remember the students who went "just for fun" and thought 6 weeks was a long time. Their accents were terrible and they made the funniest screw ups!

Not to toot my own horn, but when you're required to write a thesis from research in the country in Spanish you AT LEAST have to know your numbers before you get there!

Funny how quickly it fades though. My vacabulary is horrible now!

Tania said...

Thanks for the video Loqui!

I didn't have to take Spanish in this video reminds me of high school Spanish (the only foreign language offered in my tiny ass Catholic school). I still can't uses all tenses correctly! The extent of my Spanish vocabulary is what my parents use. I so need to live in Peru for a while.