Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your opinion please

I had too much fun tonight uploading my picture and "test driving" various haircuts. The resulting haircuts are what I narrowed my choices down to. Unfortunately, with the website I was using, I was limited to celebrity cuts, but I love these nonetheless! I'm just having a hard time deciding what I like better! I've been wanting to try bangs out for a while now, but have been scared to take the plunge considering they would take a while to grow out if I hated them. I actually like the way they look though! I'm so sick of my current haircut and miss pulling all my hair back into a ponytail without the aid of bobby pins or headbands. Plus the last "real" haircut I got, the hairstylist done f%#ked it up and I'm in the process of growing it out--the result is a shaggy nasty mess. I feel so ugly right now!

Anyways, please vote for your favorite!


loquita said...

I liked the deep side part -- how about doing side-swept bangs, instead of just straight bangs? One of my sisters did that, and it looks really good. The celebrity with that hair that I love is Kristen Bell; she often wears it up with a headband holding her bangs back.

raecatherine said...

Love the new look of your blog! How did ya do it? I think the textured bangs could look just as good as option no 1, it's just the 'cut-in-paste' bangs don't rest very naturally on your face in the photo.

runawaybox said...

Hi Tania,

Saw that you had posted our "One Semester of Spanish Love Song" a while back. Wanted to thank you and to share our "Second Semester of Spanish Love Song" with you! Hope you enjoy it as much as the first. And all the hair styles look great!