Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lacking motivation

I've skipped out on any type of exercise this whole week now. And I'm supposed to be preparing for the Tucson Half Marathon (don't think I've ever mentioned on here that I was planning on doing that). I just checked the route and lucky me, it's all downhill for the most part! The distance isn't that big a deal to me because I've run that far in the past. Problem is, I haven't done it in two years. I can't run further than 6 miles here so I really don't know what the deal is. Four miles used to be my base, no matter how long it had been since I last run and now 3 is a struggle for me. It's so frustrating! I'm still convinced it's the difference in elevation here because I went for a run in San Diego last April and it was cake, regardless of the hills and my stubbornness to keep a fast pace. I'm going to run my ass off when visiting my parents for Christmas, just to redeem myself.

Excuses for skipping out on working out:
  • Monday: supposed to run 3 miles and lift weight at the DM gym. Excuse: I was feeling nauseous all afternoon due to (I think) going back on the Pill (aside: one month to R&R!!)
  • Tuesday: Cardio kickboxing class at DM (major sweat fest). Excuse: the debates are on and I did miss the first one, so I really want to watch this one. And at the last minute, I took the car to the dealership to fix something that's been bugging me for a while. They didn't fix it because they had to order the part and the debate was a major bore.
  • Wednesday: again, run 3 miles and lift weights. Excuse: I'm still really full from my huge lunch at the Arizona Inn (boss being gone, we sometimes take longer lunches). Also, I really do hate lifting weights at DM. There's maybe one female in the whole weight room so I feel like all eyes are on me when I walk in. I'm super self-conscious and feel like I don't belong there!
Well, that's it. Hopefully I won't come up with another excuse tomorrow and that I make it to my cardio kickboxing class! I also really need to start doing my weekly long runs, when I'm not accustomed to doing any exercise on the weekends. I just need to find somewhere to run! 

It's off to bed for me. I don't know what I was thinking when I scheduled my car appointment at 7:30 a.m.!


loquita said...

It has always been hard for me to continue running when I move, and lose my "normal" running routes. I'm kind of in that boat right now. Hardly any running going on, and I've only got a couple weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon 10K. I know I can finish, it just won't be pretty.

New Girl on Post said...

Your base for running is more than I usually run anyway! I've never been a runner and even doing a couple miles is hard for me.

It's hard to get back into going to the gym when you don't feel like it. I've had those weeks. I also understand about the gym and lifting weights. I'm almost always the only girl in the free weights section of the gym and I always get odd looks. I chalk it up to my muscular physique. J/K