Monday, October 6, 2008

So ready for fall

Mother Nature has been teasing me lately. First it cools to the lower to mid 90s, then it's back up just shy of the triple digits. Now it's cooling off again, and the latter of last week was almost perfect in the upper 80s. When I let the dog out last night before going to bed, I was surprised to feel the cool crisp air of the fall evening. It has been anything but cool and crisp at night here, so I was really delighted when I felt the much longed for change. So I rushed over to check the temperature and it was 63 degrees! The low for last night was 56 and I was ecstatic. It hasn't been that cool since May! I had to clean the filter on the AC anyways so I turned it off and slept with the bedroom window open. I'm so ready for fall.

Unfortunately, temps will be rising again to the mid 90s later this week (I really hope the weather woman is wrong!) I mean, to me, October is a month of changing leaves, dew covered grass in the mornings, foggy evenings with clouds hiding the moon, thin sweaters and know, typical fall weather. But here fall lasts a few weeks at most and heads straight to winter. There are no maples or oaks that display their fall colors, very little grass, and almost nonexistent moisture in the air that is required for dew and fog! So my expectations of corn mazes and pumpkin patches here will not be met. So disappointing. I'm so sick of the heat. I want to be able to run comfortably again. Granted, 90 degrees is much more tolerable than 100, but I did my best running back in Seattle in the fall, where the high temps hovered between 50 and 60 degrees. And honestly, a knitter must make friends with cotton yarn to survive the falls here wearing their handmade goods. I miss my wool sweaters!

Forgot to add my "non-fall" inspired decorating activities. I stayed up until 3 am on Saturday making these. Well, the majority were made during the day and I took a big long break at night.


loquita said...

I got so excited when the temperature started dropping here too. :-D

As for yarn stuff, I'm excited to get started on a new afghan. It's too hot in the summer to sit around with a huge blanket spread over you lap. But in the winter, I love when I get to the end of an afghan, and it's so big I can use it to keep warm while I'm working. :)

New Girl on Post said...

I wish it would just cool off already! The last two weeks here it has been cool and then all of a sudden it's humid and hot again!

New Girl on Post said...

Right now on most pictures I'm still using the auto settings. I've played around some with manual, but I haven't had the camera long and am still trying to get used to it.

Sara said...

After the hurricane it finally cooled down to 80's during the days. Welcome to the southern states where we have 6 months of summer. My leaves changed colors in January this year. Normally the leaves just die and fall in a very unattractive way. I keep telling mark that we need to get PCS'd somewhere up north or at least a place with more than 2 seasons. And winter isn't exactly winter either.

Cute flowers!