Monday, October 27, 2008

Short on words, but plenty of pictures

I haven't been very motivated lately to write. I think there is a permanent butt print on my couch due to obsessive knitting of my Alexander McQueen Knockoff sweater. I want to finish it in time to wear it at least once before it gets too warm! Granted, it's still hitting 90 during the day, but that hopefully means I have more time!

On to the baking/cake decorating projects I've been up to.

I got this out of Jon's "recipe box" on Willams-Sonoma (he loves that store). It is challah, my first attempt at baking bread. It turned out pretty well! There are supposed to be four strands braided, but I gave up after numerous attempts. Maybe next time!

Next up, Marth Stewart's Dark Chocolate Cookies with Espresso. As desserts go, I have to say that my favorite flavor combination by far is coffee with chocolate. The coffee just intesifies the chocolate and these two compliment each other very well. It is a flavor that I will have to enjoy on my own because Jon doesn't like coffee.

This is my final cake from my Wilton cake decorating class, course 2. We learned how to work with royal icing and had to make these flowers ahead of time. I love royal icing because it keeps for so long!

And for the grand finale, my very first fondant and gum past cake! I just finished this tonight, in fact. We covered the cake board and cake in class, but didn't have time for much else. I added all the parts in white that you see here. It was very half-assed because I really want to get back to my knitting project! I figured I had to make somewhat of an effort before my co-workers cut into this, but wasn't willing to invest anymore time on it. I hope it tastes good!

Ok, off to knit. Goodnight!


loquita said...

Loooove that pattern! Can't wait to see the finished product. I don't think I'll *ever* graduate to trying to make clothes for myself. Maybe those little stuffed animals, but probably not clothes.

OMG - look at the basketweaving on your cake, that is awesome! I'm totally impressed! :-D

And the fondant cake looks really good too, I think. I love the star motif. My sis would love that cake, she has a thing for stars and moons, I buy her little decorative stuff like that a lot.

New Girl on Post said...

That bread looks so good! I'm also very impressed by your fondant cake. :)

raecatherine said...

Tania, those cakes look so professional! I wish I could come over so you could teach me.

New Girl on Post said...

I'm glad someone else shares my obsession for Forever21! I seriously love that place. I don't buy pants there, but I love to get dresses and tops there. It's actually the only place that I order clothing online just because things always seem to fit. I've only had a situation once where something was too tight.