Friday, October 31, 2008

T minus 14 days

I just thought about how much time I really have until Jon gets home and my stomach started fluttering. I'm so excited! I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away now! It hit me when I opened the mail box to find a notice that I have to pick up a package at the post office. I know those are Jon's trunks he had shipped out a couple weeks ago! I've been waiting for this time for so long, going week by week with head tucked down and not even glancing back to see how far I've gone, that the date was all of a sudden right in my face! I told you that bout of hopelessness wouldn't last that long because now at least I have something good--no, rapturous--to look forward to. You can tell I'm excited when I start using words you don't hear in every-day conversation.

With the realization that reunion is soon upon us, frenzy has also started to settle in. I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but did you know I haven't folded laundry in over 5 months? I pretty much just do the laundry, take it out of the dryer and lay it on top of it right away (can't have those wrinkles)! Socks and underwear go into a laundry basket, and every morning after my shower I pluck what I want out of the basket and off my neat unfolded pile. I do the same with the clothes at the end of the day: I lay them on top of the dresser. You should have seen the stack I had going on there--it was driving me crazy, but you have no idea how much I absolutely loathe folding laundry! So this past Wednesday, I braved the mountains of clothes and put them in their proper drawers, all neatly folded to equal proportions and evenly stacked. I also organized the closet and designated shelves and space for me and for Jon. I pulled out clothes and shoes I don't use anymore and threw them into a box for donations. I hauled a few boxes out that have been hiding out since our move to this house. A lot of stuff just got thrown away, as we obviously got by without them for a year without missing them. I'm still recovering from all that. I was sneezing throughout the whole ordeal and went to bed congested. I'm still battling the persistent tickle in my nose and watery eyes.

That was just one task! I have so much more to do! This house has to be able to pass a white-glove test when Jon comes home! And that's just the house!

Here's a sampling of my must-do list for Jon's homecoming:
  1. Try to lose as much weight as I can, because I just know I'll be packing on the pounds when he gets home. The guy emailed me a long list of places he wants to go eat when he's home!
  2. Master the art of preparing a turkey, since he'll be home for Thanksgiving. I signed up for a technique class at Williams-Sonoma this Sunday. I've never done Thanksgiving dinner before and am so excited--I'm going all out! I need to figure out my side dishes as well and decide on the dessert (I don't like pumpkin pie).
  3. Conquer the bane of my (baking) existence, my nemesis, that is red velvet cake. When asked what his favorite cake was by his ignorant, amateur-baker wife, he stated, "I guess it's red velvet cake." If only it were so easy! I've heard stories of failures and now am armed with a few tricks to overcome this evil cochinada de torta. 
  4. Sweep away all the dirt, cobwebs, and dead spiders that have accumulated around the front and back porches.
  5. Evict the pigeons that have picked my roof to inhabit and my driveway to dirty with their droppings and feathers.
  6. Wash, vacuum, and wax the car right before he gets home so he can see how well I've taken care of his baby ;)
  7. Make a "welcome home" banner to hang up in the window.
  8. Find an outfit to wear to the airport to pick him up (hmmm....another trip to Forever 21?)
  9. Make some sort of welcome home bandana for Sammy to wear for his daddy's homecoming. Let's just see if he'll keep anything on, although I have a feeling that's a negative.
  10. Get my nails done for the first time. Can you believe I've never, not once in my life got a manicure?
  11. Stock the fridge with some of his favorite things, most importantly Diet Cherry Coke. He's not a big drinker, but a six pack of Corona will be waiting for him. 
  12. Attempt to make truffles for the first time ever and come out with some kick ass ones I can make for him. None of that coating with nuts or cocoa powder business either. This girl is going to try her hardest to learn how to temper chocolate so he can have complete truffles!
  13. Learn how to successfully make challah (this one has been checked off the list).
OK I have to stop here, or else I'll go on forever. I need to get to bed so I can get through cake decorating class and (stressful) dog training tomorrow! Hope everyone had a happy Halloween and didn't overindulge too much in the sweets!


Sara said...

Is the R&R or home "for good"? If it's R&R you guys sound like us with tons and tons of stuff to do in a short period, and believe me you won't regret it! Wohooo! for hubby being home soon. I should seriously look into the WS turkey class while I can. No clue how to due turkey. For dessert: try a pear and apple turnover?

Rachel-n-Ryan said...

WOW! You know how to make challah??? I'm super impressed :)

Williams Sonoma has a great turkey receipe that is super easy...basically rub the turkey down in herbs and baste often. Good luck with the class!

Tania said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! Jon is coming home for R&R, and in good time too because I'm pulling my hair out here! It's been a year, which sucks, but at least we only have 3 months left before he comes home!

Thanks for the dessert suggestion, Sara! That's more up my alley!

d.a.r. said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! I love finding new blogs to read, and now I am definitely intrigued by yours. So far I have found notes from the hubs in my car, his truck, the kitchen table, my wallet, and the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I don't think there are any more...I have pretty much deep cleaned the entire house :)

Looks like you have a LOT to look forward to! Good luck with the preparations for his return!