Friday, November 14, 2008

Almost complete again!

I just got a phone call from Jon! He could only talk for a short time because he has to catch the bus to the airport in Kuwait. We are hoping he can hop on a plane tonight (tomorrow morning our time). I don't know anything about the processing they have to go through to come home, but apparently it takes all day! I still have to make the banner, a "Welcome Home, Daddy" bandana for Sammy, and (gulp) the red velvet cake! Not to mention the trip to the commissary to get his favorite stuff, and finish cleaning the house. It still hasn't hit me yet that he's coming home!

One more thing, Casey at The Ever-Changing Life of A Military Wife is having a giveaway to celebrate her 100th post! She is giving away the cutest shopping bags! They would be a pretty accessory for those shopping trips to the commissary or Target, or wherever. I'm so sick of those green commissary bags! They're fugly, fold in on themselves when you don't want them to, and sometimes the handles rip off! Happy Friday everybody!


d.a.r. said...

Exciting!!!!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for an easy trip and no delays! (Or at least, no longer than you need to get everything ready!)

Sara said...

If you remember Mark coming home for R&R, it can be a pretty difficult process. Lots of changes. Lots of plans made that fail. Like always, just don't get your heart set on an exact time and day. But even with all the possible complications, he's almost HOME!! Wooo hooo!!!

jlc said...

Yay for husbands coming back!!!

Ouuu I just found your blog and glad I could find it at such a high point.

It makes me remember that there IS indeed a light at the end of this deployment tunnel. :)