Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He's home!

It still hasn't sunk in yet! Jon got home at 4 last night. I got a phone call at 1 when he got to Dallas, so I had to leave work earlier than I thought I would. I took my neighbors with me to pick him up, so they could take pictures. I'm exhausted. I'm not used to sharing the bed, especially with a snorer! To top it all off, I'm sick and have no voice......I sound like Rachel Ray and I'm annoying myself! Poor husband....I hope he doesn't get sick! I'm not complaining though. He's home!!!

The "Welcome home" cake

Sammy's way of saying, "Welcome home!"


Posing for the cameraman.

Going home

Reunion with Mr. Mutt!


loquita said...

OMG, is that a unit insignia on the cake? It turned out so good!

I can't get over how CUTE you guys are! Seriously!

I love your whole outfit - was that work clothes, or did you change?

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY R&R! Have fun! Hope you're feeling better asap. :)

loquita said...

Can you email so I can have your email address? Thanks! :)

Katie said...

Aw yay for having him home!! Enjoy it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Sara said...

yay!!! I didn't see this yesterday! I really hope you start feeling better. I think I need to find a yellow ribbon pan. I hope the time goes by slowly and enjoy vegas! I know we did!

Casey said...

Now what in the world are you doing on the internet when he is home? ;)

Val said...

YAYYYY!!!! Tell him I said Thank you and Welcome Home!!!!

raecatherine said...

So good to see you together! I hope you feel better soon, and BTW you look absolutely gorgeous girlie!

Jaime said...

How wonderful!!! And I agree with Rae, you look amazing!