Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back in the desert

I made it home...finally...5 hours later than planned. Back from the snow, and cold, and wind. And the stupid airline lost my luggage. Figures. It's a long story better told later. For now I'm eating something small and going to bed. Hope everyone had a good holiday!


Sara said...

I am always paranoid about checking bags so typically I will do with less if I can just to avoid that. A friend of mine actually collected her things from the carousel... in a clear trash bag. Shredded. No one ever told her why but the airline was so embarassed they reimbursed her for her things. BTW Nat King Coles Christmas Song is THE best christmas song ever.

Sara said...

Oh my goodness, you're so sweet. Let me tell you that foundation primer, eyeshadow primer and under eye brightener are the only reasons I look like that. I was actually dead asleep on the couch when my mom asked me to smile for a picture and I went straight to sleep as soon after the picture was taken. Maybe it was because I was asleep that I looked so peaceful, but now that picture is framed in the house because I think it's such a sweet pic of the puppy and me.

Believe me, when I really wake up with the eyemask pulling back rats nest hair, ugly tshirt, torn pj pants, last nights makeup, and a robe I look laughable