Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll never take these for granted!

This is what I saw on my drive home from work today. It got cloudy today so it was dreary and grey. Until, that is, it came time for the sun to set. The faintest of pinks started to color the clouds, making them look like cotton candy. As the sun sank further and further below the horizon, I could watch the most eastern once-pink clouds extinguished of their color while those closer to the retreating sun started to blush. This continued until the clouds closest to the sun got their chance to shine. It was the most intense pink-orange. The picture below was taken five minutes too late (I can only drive so fast!), but it's still beautiful nonetheless, don't you agree. So this is what I'll be leaving behind tomorrow. Farewell my dear sun. I fear I won't be seeing you much in the next week! Hello 11 degree highs and snow-covered ground! Now if only I had a decent warm coat....

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