Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting nervous

I just read on the Seattle Times that Alaska and Horizon Air canceled all their flights today at Sea-Tac. I fly out of Phoenix on Tuesday and am supposed to fly into Seattle. We'll see if that actually happens. Seattle is supposed to get more snow even on Tuesday. Even if I get into Seattle, my flight to Walla Walla might get canceled. That whole state is just getting slammed.....perfect timing!


loquita said...

Ack, damn snow has crappy timinig - it needs to pile on after you get there. Keep my fingers crossed for you!

Rebecca said...

Oh no! I hope everything works out!

Lindsay said...

I feel your pain...we're flying up North, into the snow and freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve. It should be interesting to say the least!

Good luck!

jlc said...

Ughhh hope you get there as originally anticipated... or at least close!

Hahahha, and your husband is half asian ? No way! I always make fun that he's naturally good at art JUST because of that. I love posting things that'll make him laugh.