Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To be honest....

Sara tagged me to dish 10 honest things about myself. These are getting harder and harder to do! What more do you all want to know? :P

I'm not going to tag anybody because everyone has done this already!

So here goes!

  1. I've been insecure with my body ever since the fourth grade. A little Mexican boy, Sergio, and his friend whom I ended up graduating with made fun of me at recess one day. They were laughing and pointing at me, saying "Panzona!", which quite literally means "large-bellied girl." I vaguely remember looking down at my stomach and thinking to myself, Hmm....I guess I do have a big stomach. Starting then, I started to suck my stomach in. I did it for years so I have some pretty strong abs now! :) I don't suck it in anymore, but for the most part I'm always contracting those muscles when I'm upright, or riding in a car (for balance). Is that weird? Oh yeah, Sergio's friend confessed to me our senior year that Sergio had a huge crush on me back then, hence the teasing.
  2. I have a horrible memory when it comes to movies. Somebody will ask me if I saw X movie and most of the time my answer is no. They go on to describe the movie to me, and sometimes somewhere during their description I'll realize that I did, in fact, see the movie.
  3. The furthest distance I've run is 13 miles (that close to half marathon distance). I have yet to run a half or full marathon, although it is one of my goals.
  4. I understand a lot of Spanish, but have a hard time speaking it. The words just get stuck in my head! My vocabulary is mainly limited to that of my parents. They also threw in a little vocabulary in Quechua so I grew up thinking words such as chuma and karkas (sp?), were Spanish. I found out later they weren't. My aunt can speak Quechua and goes off if I ask her to. :)
  5. Milky Way Midnights are my favorite chocolate candy. I usually buy the bag of fun size and can be satisfied eating 2-4 of those for dessert.
  6. I'm a contributing author of four scientific articles. If you knew my last name you could look me up on PubMed.
  7. I played the flute in high school. I picked it back up my senior year in college to play in the SU orchestra. I was a little rusty!
  8. I have super dry skin so living in the desert can be torture. Lotion is a must after every shower. If I do a lot of cleaning with hot water, the skin on the palms of my hands will start to flake, but not all the way off. I have to use a pumice stone to slough it all off. Yuck!
  9. I only call Sammy by his name when I want his attention. His more often used nicknames include Babe, Cham Cham, Sam-mutt, Chammy, Chamo, and Bubbo.
  10. I'm so excited to see what our kids are going to look like. They will be half-Peruvian, one quarter Thai, and one quarter Caucasian. Well, almost. My grandmother on my mom's side was (?)% Japanese. Half of Jon's lineage is Jewish. That's about all I know. We're all mutts, right? I'm hoping for some blue eyes in the mix: Jon is definitely a carrier because his dad has blue eyes and my grandfather had blue eyes. Hopefully my mom passed that on to me and we'll get a surprise.


loquita said...

My dad has Jewish blood in his family as well. He has black hair, blue eyes, and olive skin - and he was *hot* when he was young! Hopefully your son might get that killer combo as well! Or daughter - Elizabeth Taylor was gorgeous with her black hair and blue eyes.

I didn't start calling Ruby any nicknames until after LT started making them up. Maybe I'll put her names in my response to your earlier tag for 6 things. Yes, I know I am totally late on that. :)

It's awesome that you're published! That *has* to help your application to nursing school. :)

I am also still getting over childhood teasing about my weight - it was pretty bad. It sucks that other people have to say crap like that. I know we were all just young kids but still... It is still a hard thing for me to forgive. But now we are healthy adults who love to run, so we leave all that in our dust. :-D

I liked all your things, good post. :)

d.a.r. said...

Your kids are going to be soooo gorgeous!

Lindsay said...

I'm with DAR, you're kids will be gorgeous!

My cousin's kids are "All-American Mutts"
1/4 Chinese
1/4 Irish
1/4 Maltese-Italian
1/4 Mexican

They are adorable! Their red irish hair shines through in the summer but the rest of the time they look asian/italian.

jlc said...

You will have beautiful kids!! And I heart your nicknames for Sammy. :)