Sunday, January 18, 2009

This one is more for myself

I have these days where I just feel totally sorry for myself, and I just HATE it! I've been super moody lately and really grouchy with Jon on the phone. I'm always looking forward to his phone call, but when I get the same questions and same monotone expression on the other end of the line, I just roll my eyes and get frustrated. "Hey. How are you? How was your day?" Never fails--those same questions. It just aggravates me.

Well tonight, Jon tells me he hopes I feel better because he doesn't like it when I'm so grouchy with him because it doesn't make him feel good. That angered me further and I thought to myself How about how I feel? (I did not voice this out loud). After we said our I love yous and hung up the phone, I turned to good ol' Google to look for a way to improve on our conversations. Yes.....I was that desperate. I was interested in how other couple's deal with this. This is what I found. I have to say, it really put me in my place. Granted, there were other websites just for this subject and they all explained how to cater to your soldier and his needs. This was not what I was looking for. Yet, when I read it on aforementioned blog post, I really took it to heart. I guess having it come from a real person who had gone through it made it more legitimate in my mind.

From here on out, I'm resolving to never feel sorry for myself because it could be a hell of a lot worse. I am going to be more supportive and encouraging towards my husband and try to make the best of things as they are. He doesn't need something else to worry about.


. Becca . said...

Lol, I'm there with ya on the moodiness. I hate those "How was your day? What'd ya do?" same old same old questions! Considering I do the same darn thing EVERY day, it just reiterates the boring-ness of day and annoys the boogers out of me. Lol!

I think winter is getting us all down!
I'm off to check out that site!
Have a good night, girlie!

Somebody's Princess said...

I've only just started this routine, if "routine" could possibly be a fitting description of such uncertainty. And I find it exhausting. There isn't enough time to bring up anything deeper than the pleasantries even though he knows what I'm doing here. The worst thing for me is feeling angry and knowing that doing so is completely unfair but still not being able to turn it off.

Thanks for posting! It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who has really bad days.