Monday, January 26, 2009

Up for grabs

I feel like I'm so putting myself out there right now. I'm so scared of rejection! Will you like it? What is "it" you ask? It's a little t-shirt number I knit last summer. 

One day, possibly due to boredom, possibly due to having just completed a dreaded lab meeting presentation, I felt in need of an emotional release and hit up my favorite Tucson yarn store, Kiwi Knitting Company. Like I've said before, I love it for it's ambience, helpful staff, and location. I haven't been since summer, but I really need to work on this endless stash I have.

Anyways, on to the tee. At the time, I loved the color choice for it. After all, it was picked to help pick my mood up, hence the name I gave it: The Anti-Moping Deployment Tee. It served its purpose and now it's time for it to move on. I just can't picture myself wearing it. While I love the pattern, I'm not too crazy about the color anymore. I do plan on knitting another one up in a different color. So my question to you is, do you know anyone who would find use for it?A fiber junkie like me that can appreciate the work put into it? Perhaps somebody who would fall head over heels in love with it? I honestly don't know anyone this would suit. I mean, I DO work with conservative dressing scientists!

Just thought I'd put it out there and maybe find a home for it. What do you think? Wearable or no?


jlc said...

I'm seriously impressed you MADE that. Wow the money I would save!!

How could I reject you?! No rejection here. :)

I have those pants! Anddddd I'm lovin the Blower's Daughter playing in the background. Your taste in music is WONDERFUL.

Rebecca said...

I love it! I love the color and the design. I think it's great! If it fit me, I would definitely wear it.