Friday, January 30, 2009

What I did on a Friday night

Thanks for the comments on the previous post girlies! DAR, I can't believe you didn't get numbed up first! Ouch! And yes, that's a huge needle! I couldn't help but wonder how big the needle would be for an epidural! You still amaze me with how much you run what with all the injuries you had to endure in the past! That's part of the reason I'm so stubborn with keeping up with running--you still manage to keep up with it even after the setbacks. Tough girl!

Well, I still haven't picked up those darn knitting needles. I was half watching 20/20 and was intrigued by anthropologist, Helen Fisher and her theory of why we pick the people we do for our life mates. She attributes it to certain "chemical factors" that are distinct among four different personality types: the Explorer, the Builder, the Negotiator, and the Director. Naturally, after the show, I immediately went this website to take her test. (Warning: it's a pretty long test, but hey, I had nothing better to do!) Here are my results.


I had to take screen shots, hence the little print. I thought it was pretty interesting, and it did a fair job in describing me. Now if only I could get Jon to take the test!


loquita said...

I just took that quiz, and I really liked it. Just wrote a whole commentary about the results on my blog.

I hope your knee is feeling better! I'm so glad that you've been checked by someone who really knows what's going on, and there's a way for you to keep running. Yay!

Now, come to DC next October and run the Marine Corps Marathon 10K, ok? :) LT and I will be running that day, one way or another -- either the marathon or the 10K.

d.a.r. said...

Eh, I am just crazy and stubborn :) What can I say? I blame my Irish roots! And yeah seriously about the epidural needle. Thank goodness it goes into your back and you can't see it!!!

Hope you are feeling better today!

Somebody's Princess said...

Thanks for the comment! He's been gone about a month. I'm slowly and clumsily getting acquainted with the situation. I'll be glad not to be the newbie next time, for sure :) Your blog offers a lot of support. I'm trying to mix with the wives here but at the end of the day, I find myself more content foraging for the blogs of those with whom I feel I have more in common.

Hope your knee is feeling better!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad your knee is better.

I just took the quiz and we have similar results. I'm a BUILDER/negotiator

erika said...

I actually did a lot of work with this test in one of my grad classes. It's so fun to see the results, dont you think?

Just came across your blog - i hope you dont mind if i add you to my reads :)