Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spring in January

My knee was definitely feeling better today (well, yesterday by the time I post this)! Like DAR said, it was just a little stiff--stairs were still the enemy today, but I definitely felt an improvement once I woke up at (cough) 10:15. 

It was beautiful today! It was 74 degrees when I left the house this afternoon. So I turned off the AC in the car, rolled the windows down, and opened the sunroof on my way to our local outdoor shopping center, La Encantada (which quite literally translates to "the enchanted one"--I love living in the SW with all its cutesy Spanish names). I very understandably have spring fever so went on a little shopping spree....just a little one, but enough damage that husband will ask: why? I'm sure he's already seen the bank account ;)

Here are my purchases

This sweater just says spring to me with its light green color and its lightweight texture. I can totally picture wearing this on a spring beach excursion. Now if only we had a beach....closest one (in the US) is 6 hours away in San Diego!

I got this shirt at my favorite store, Anthro. If I could afford it, I would buy this store out--I LOVE it! Well, I swore I would never buy a shirt from there again because averaging at $58, their knits are very disappointedly short-lived, no matter if you follow the care instructions. I got holes and spots where the fabric wore down on every single shirt I bought there. The quality just isn't worth that money. But then I saw this shirt, I had to get it! I really wanted the white one, but being brown, I can't wear white too easily without my bra showing through. I need a good nude-colored bra! Oh and while looking for this online, I saw that it was also available in pink. Boo!!

Spur of the moment, I wandered into L'Occitane. I had dug up a bottle of Lavender Body Milk recently and used it up pretty fast, so I decided I wanted to look for some more. Well, being that the milk I used was from 2004, the formulation had changed. It wasn't much, and I was still going to buy it until I saw this bottle of Cherry Blossom shimmer lotion. I love the way it smells! It's very soft and feminine.....and springy! After trying it out and confirming that it wasn't too shimmery, I was sold! It was $24 for a 250 mL bottle and $32 for a 500 mL bottle so I sprung for the better deal.

I went home after all this, but I wasn't done yet! I've been keeping a shopping cart at Ruche and after losing a few items due to being sold out, I just checked out today. 

I love this store! It's very similar to Anthro but with limited stock and items....and WAY better prices. I got a 10% discount from Cheap Chica's discount code (you can get one from various blogs and myspace as well). Since this is the first time I ordered from here, however, I cannot testify about the quality of the merchandise until I receive my package. I'm so excited and will let you all know how satisfied I am with it. I have all confidence that the report card will come back all good!

I know if I shopped elsewhere I would have got a lot more for $2oo (wince), but I think I still did pretty good for all I got!


d.a.r. said...

That is still pretty good for $200!!

And yeah, it hit 68 here yesterday and there was an ice storm 6 days ago. Please explain?? Oh well, no complaints for me!

Hope your knee is feeling better!

Sara said...

Oh my gosh I love it all, especially the jewelry.

I have a thing against soup. And salad. Mostly that I don't consider them meals. I like brocoli cheese soup, tomato basil soup and ocassionaly potato cheese soup. I only cooked the soup because I never had made soup before. It turned out that I just really liked this soup, though, so it was a nice surprise. My friend feels the same way you do: she doesn't like anything creamy most especially soup.

Katie said...

I love the clothes!

I went shopping yesterday too! Except mine was for jeans! All my jeans have gotten holes in them from work and we can't wear jeans with holes in them!

As for the music player I never heard of the site- I got it from looking at your player! :)

Hope the knee is getting better!

raecatherine said...

ooh, this makes me want to go shopping, and I'm not really a shopper. I like the ruche website, but it's hard for me to tell how clothes will look when they're not actually ON people. I'll be interested to hear the tania quality report! =)

jlc said...

Glad it's feeling better!!

Yeah it was 50 today and I thought it was hot! Didn't have to wear running gloves woo hoo!! :)

erika said...

I love your purchases! That sweater is such a pretty color.. i love it.

I'm sooo jealous of the warm weather.. i think we maxed out at a whopping 40 degrees today. I can not wait for summer

. Becca . said...

Umm, I freakin' LOVE that stuff! I would seriously LIVE in an Anthropologie store and be perfectly happy for the rest of my life.