Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finally facing the shears!

I'm finally getting a hair cut tomorrow! It's been so long I don't even remember when I last had it cut. Pretty ends really need it. 

A while ago I posted about possible hairstyles I was looking at, but since then have decided that I wanted to grow it out longer. I kind of miss my long hair and Jon likes it when it's long :) I found a really cute haircut, though!

I love her bangs! They're not too long so that they are in her eyes, which I would not be able to stand for a minute! I just don't know if I could pull it off. I've had bangs once in my lifetime and they didn't look good. Probably because my mom cut them herself and they were super blunt. One concern I have about bangs is my hair will probably fight falling that way. I hate battling my hair part and it seems to prefer to fall more on one side than on the other. I have forced a part on the opposite side, but I have to do it when it's sopping wet and I have to blow dry like crazy. Even then it doesn't really lay like that easily. 

As for the rest of her hairstyle, I don't know what's going on with the rest of her hair. I wonder if the bangs would look OK with a "fuller" hairstyle.

In terms of face shape I've been going back and forth on trying to decide which one I have: square or round? Sometimes it looks square, sometimes it looks round. Here's a picture I snapped tonight. Squarish/rectanglish?Please excuse....I have already washed my face for bed and I look tired!

And here's a picture from R&R (you've seen this one before.) I really don't take pictures of myself. Hate 'em!
Ah well, we'll see what I end up with. As long as I don't hate it! I usually need to let the cut grow out a little bit before I'm OK with it.

I'll be posting about my giveaway options tomorrow. I promise you'll love it! There will be an option for everybody. So far, I have seven knitted options, all small because I'm awful at completing projects before moving on to another. I'm still working on a sweater I started in October! Come back tomorrow for my reveal!


jlc said...

You are beautiful!!!!

Oh and I think you need to do a before/after piece for this one. Can't wait to see the new look!!


erika said...

i think that haircut would look great on you!! I agree with JLC, i want to see the before and after on this one as well