Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thank you, thank you!

Thank you everybody for the encouraging comments about my goal accomplished! I'm sorry....I'm so awful at responding to comments! I have a hard enough time posting since Jon's been home. He seriously hogs the computer! Even when it's free, I'd much rather snuggle up on the couch and watch How I Met Your Mother with him--he's been watching that while deployed and we just bought the first two seasons on DVD.

When Jon's alarm went off at 5 I was wide awake. I couldn't get out of bed until 5:30, though, because somebody fell asleep with his arm around my waist and I didn't want to wake him up! Poor guy...he didn't get home until 11 on Monday night and had to get up at 2 the next morning to prepare for the second round of soldiers coming home. Now he's going in every day and in charge of reintegration classes, meaning he will also being working this weekend. Boo! He's so ready for his block leave!

Anyways, I got up and did my Turbo Jam DVD workout, determined to keep up with working out and losing weight. It went OK, but I didn't get nearly as sweaty and out of breath as I do in my cardio kickboxing class on base. Unfortunately, my IT band was bugging me even during this workout so I don't think I'll be able to make it to my class tomorrow if it's still inflamed. I'll just have to suck it up and jump on the much dreaded elliptical trainer.

I got a foam roller today and tried it out on my injured leg. Owowow!!! I could barely put any weight on it while I was able to put a lot more weight on my uninjured leg. But the injured IT band feels looser and more stretched out. I really hope this helps!

In other news, I feel like knitting something pretty for somebody! I just noticed that I'm almost to 200 posts (so behind a lot of you!) I'll be having a giveaway much like Loqui's. Mine will be knitted, and I will give the winner a pick of what they want, and of course, what colors she wants it in. I'm so excited about this! And it gives me an excuse to buy some more yarn.....

Stay tuned!

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New Girl on Post said...

I hope your leg feels better soon!

I'm so excited about the upcoming giveaway!