Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm sooo sleepy! Jon and I went to the drive-in tonight. I've forgotten how much I enjoyed this environment for movie watching! I mean, how long ago have you all been to a drive in movie? My last time was sometime in high school, but the good memories are from my childhood. Back in the day, you didn't listen to the movie through your car radio. There were speakers which you could mount inside your car. I remember walking to the snack stand and being able to watch the movie the whole time because the sound was audible anywhere you walked in the area. The nachos and the popcorn were the best! We would sit in our cars with the windows rolled down, watch our movies and enjoy the cool summer evening. I remember battling heavy eyelids through the duration of the second movie....sleep always won out! Anyways, tonight seriously was a nostalgic trip for me! 

It was an awesome date, and very economical too: $6.00 per person for two movies. The movie snacks were cheaper than in a regular movie theater as well. It was great....we watched Escape to Witch Mountain and Confessions of a Shopaholic. I wanted to see both and Jon wanted to see Witch Mountain. Can you guess which movie he liked better? That's very dear husband preferred the chick flick! To be fair, Witch Mountain wasn't all that great and was a letdown to the both of us. In all, the experience was a very good one and we will be going back!

Since I got home so "late" (I have Jon's sleep schedule now) I'm not doing the drawing for the giveaway until tomorrow. I've already got everybody down, but the actual drawing is taking place TOMORROW! It will most likely be in the afternoon because I'm going to try out my cardio kickboxing class in the morning (!!!) Check back to see if you won! 


Name Displayed said...

I think this title should be my whole blog's title :)

Feel free to stop on by my blog, though I'm new to the whole scene.

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

There is a drive in movie here in my hometown! 10 dollars a car load---not bad!! I love it and I'll miss it terribly when we move..

loquita said...

Cool! I hope I can find a drive in to go to down here, that would be so fun. I only went a few times as a kid, but I remember really liking it. :)

Hope you're enjoying your kickboxing this AM! :)

Nikki said...

I have always wanted to go to the drive in...never have. There used to be one by my house when I was a kid but they tore it down before I was old enough to appreciate it. Now I am going to go on a mission to see if there are any drive ins around town. Not a bad deal on the tickets! Glad you guys had fun (=

jlc said...

OMG you have DRIVE INS BY YOU?!?! I'm uber jealous and that and yeah, def checking back to see how it went! ;)

The Mrs. said...

that would rock, I could watch a movie while the kids slept in the car while flyboy was away. How perfect would that be!

Sounded like you guys had a perfect date.