Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winding down

Wow, it's really been a while since I last even logged into my poor blog account. I've just been unmotivated to blog, but I've been trying to keep up with everyone else's blogs, hence the scattered comments. I've also been really busy.

I took the BSL for Health Care Providers class last week. It started bright and early at 8 am and we didn't get out until 1 hour late. It was a pretty full class and there was only one instructor, who happened to be a hot EMT :) So now I'm fully certified. Funny, I've never taken a CPR class in my life.

Last night I stayed up until almost 1 am making those wonderful color flow insignia patches I made for Jon's cake when he came home for R&R. Looking at that picture now I see how crappy those two are that I made last night. Whatever, I was waaay too tired to care. Do you know how your legs and feet hurt after standing in an all-tile kitchen for three and a half hours straight? (Don't ask me why it took that long). I must really love my husband to do this for him! These patches will go on the cake we are taking to his change of command ceremony. He asked me if I wanted to do the cake and I told him to just buy my "blank canvas." If I weren't working, I'd be more than willing to dedicate my time to making him a yummy, pretty cake. But for now we're settling on a Costco cake.

Speaking of work, I'm in my last week....yay! My last day is on Friday. I've taken special note of many "lasts" that I've had in the last two weeks. My last group lab meeting presentation, my last lab meeting, my last Western blot I did yesterday. I wipe my hands clean! I have to be honest, though. I did get a little sad when I didn't see my name in the new schedule of presenters for group lab meeting, and this is something everyone begrudgingly does to our PI's request. 

I'm not actually leaving for good. I've agreed to stay on part time as a "consultant" since we have no money to hire someone to pay me. Our grant didn't get funded the first time and my PI has to apply for bridge funding so I'm leaving at a good time! My poor PI has confessed to sleepless nights as a result of my resignation. I feel bad, but it's time for me to move forward and the lab will go on without me. I'll only be working 1-2 hours a week, and only agreed to this because I'll quite literally be right next door.

OK, I always end up writing more than I intended. I will be getting yellow roses for Jon's change of command. Guess who has to go buy them? :) Hope everyone has a good evening...I've missed being a part of the blogging community!


Full of Heart said...

How had you gotten never having taken CPR!? I'm so impressed! All I can say is don't let that sucker expire, just make sure you keep on rewnewing it... Then again now that you're starting school, school and work will never let you get close to letting it lapse!
And oh yes, the instructors as eye candy always make it worth it. Well unless they're big scary paramedic women, that happened to me once. Last time I recert'd it was a group of some niiiiiiiiiiiice looking firemen!

Nikki said...

I miss when you don't blog! =)

The cake is beautiful BTW! When is the ceremony?

. Becca . said...

Glad to see you back! I've been on a little break myself... sometimes it's just what you need, right :)