Friday, June 5, 2009

Bury My Head

I almost feel like it, but really, it's just Kate Walsh's song that I'm obsessed with at the moment. I can listen to it on repeat for hours! I love her :)

Today was spent at my orientation for my accelerated nursing program. The program has yet to start, and I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed! Orientation itself wasn't bad, and I really enjoyed meeting my fellow cohorts. One little example of how accelerated the program is just scared me. The same skills for nursing assessment that traditional students complete in one semester will be done in 2 weeks! And this is why I'm not working.

I thought it would be fun to show you all the book stack I have going on for this program. When I got the book list I had a little panic attack, thinking there would be more lists like this in the future. Fortunately, we will only be required to purchase a couple more books throughout the program, according to the nice women in the medical bookstore

Tuition for nursing school: $28,000
Nursing textbooks: $1000
Health and background clearances: $100
Having to lug big-ass textbooks around for 14 months: priceless


Nevertheless, I'm excited.

In other news, we're moving soon. We made an offer on a house way out in Vail and should close on it by the end of the month. It's a beautiful Southwest style house and is 2200 square feet. Being out in the middle of nowhere has its advantages. I really do miss being able to sit out in my backyard and watch the stars and the space station occasionally make an appearance. Dark skies outside the city make this possible again. Plus, this backyard is huge. A big pile of dirt until we do something with it, but huge nonetheless. A picture from the real estate agent's website

Jon is just ecstatic about the 3-car garage, a major selling point for him. :)

We've been in a major battle with the property management company that's managing the house we're renting. The house is up for a short sale and they didn't want them to let us out of our lease because the owner "really needs that money." We just didn't like being stuck in a house that may go into foreclosure. Nothing we could do there, signed contract and all. But the management company went overboard wanting us to show the house for them. Excuse me? Don't they have people whose jobs are dedicated to doing this? Did you just ask us to get off of work earlier just so we could show the house that you are selling? Am I getting your 3% cut for this? Because you certainly aren't doing a thing to get this house sold! How is a renter obligated to have his number on the MLS and to receive after-hour calls from real estate agents who want their clients to see the house, like, now? They wouldn't take our number off the MLS as a contact number. After a couple screaming matches between Jon and the landlord, we finally were offered a month-to-month lease in exchange for showing the house. They don't know we made an offer on a house. Shhhh!!!

They also don't know about Sammy. They still think we have an awful, fear-aggressive dog that prohibits them from putting a lock box on our door. My poor baby. At least he's home now. The last picture in my "Sammy" album.....too sad.

Yes, I've decided I don't care if you know my name. 

I can't help but still expect to see that furry face greet me when I come home. Or see a pair of puppy eyes boring into me as I stir from my sleep. Just typing that out is making me cry. But overall, thinking about him makes me happy. Call me crazy, but I still talk to him. I feel like he hasn't left because I just feel him. It's not always enough though, when I want more than anything to give him a great, big bear hug and a nice loud kiss. Then I laugh when I think that he hated that. I love my Sammy just the way he was.

The recent loss is the reason I took it so hard when my mom told me last night that she's putting my aunt's dog down. He's an old boy, blind and deaf and barely able to walk. It's time. I could hear the hurt in my mom's voice as she told me though. My aunt's been crying a lot about it and it just kills me how hurt everyone is. It's all too fresh for me.

I didn't mean to end on a sad note. Just so much that's been going on. And my absence from the blog community has been long. Looks like I'll be in and out because I'll have a lot to do come Monday! Oh wait. What am I talking about? They already gave us a ton of reading to do in preparation for our first class on Monday! Have a good weekend all!


jlc said...

Good luck with everything!! i'm glad that you're so excited about going to school and you SHOULD be!!

so sorry about sammy again... :(

Full of Heart said...

Wait! They got a new version of Professional Nursing! I actually kind of liked that book!
And you guys had to buy a book on concept mapping? They always just winged it with us. No wonder it took me so long to catch on...
And my favorite book out of your stack still has to be the Lab Test and Diagnostics book. That thing is just so fun to me. I love looking up weird lab values! And in the future, I highly recommend buying your books on Amazon in the new and used section. I'd save a TON of money that way, AND then just sell them back for pennies less at the end of the semester.
I also spent the beginning of every semester freaking out, but just know, it is NEVER as bad as you think it's going to be. I promise you that! And one of my best friends did an accelerated program (the one at my school) and she not only survived, but we determined I got the short end of the stick because the same program took SO much longer for me!
So good luck! And if you ever get stuck on those terrible concept maps, I'm always around!

raecatherine said...

Lots of change is just around the corner for you guys--that's so exciting about the house! I'll be eager to come back soon and read your next post about your nursing school adventures.

Rebecca said...

Those books are huge! And there are so many of them!

Congrats about the house.

I am so sorry to hear about Sammy. Our first Sheltie was hit by a car. Dogs really become part of the family. It hurts so much to lose them.

lala said...

wow, what a mess with the landlord and all that. that kind of shows how self-serving they are-- definitely not looking out for YOUR best interest... which sucks.


and i'm still sorry about sammy.


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